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07-27-2006, 12:23 AM
The sun was now overhead, the day went as planned. The morale was high through the ranks of now Chancellor Bosh's raised militia. Their homes were in ruin, but their spirits were high. Nothing can drive someone more than seeing their own hard work and ancestrial heritage go up in flames. Now they were all unified for a common goal: recapture of Zormite, and restoring Democracy.

Bosh looked down the rows of ships now, all flags signaling their readiness.

The cannons were not seen.

The command ship gained speed and rushed to meet the Chancellor. Vamp's ship slowly crept up to the flagship and vamp jumped aboard(his preferance of boarding ships). The commander handed the Chancellor a note, then jumped back to his ship.

The chancellor unfolded the letter and began to read. He quickly closed the letter and used a mage to amplify his voice so it was a booming sound to announce to the entire fleet.

"The troops will land and begin ground assault as the sun sets. We will look like gods before them. Let them tremble in our wake!"

The roar of the citizens was deafening. Louder than any spell could mimic.

The Chancellor turned and headed for his cabin, and prepared to have what he called, Last Meal.

((The Rebellion will invade whenever a time and day is set, bjorn Calani said to have you talk to her, she has agreed to set it up.

We are now recruiting members for this great battle. Anyone who is willing and able please apply.


Thank you))

07-30-2006, 07:11 AM
Any date and time yet?