View Full Version : The Joint Quest Walkthrough - By Kai

07-14-2006, 02:03 AM
Here's a walkthrough for The Joint Quest.

Requirements: Nothing I believe.
Rewards: Lantern, Glass Graal
Reasons: Lantern helps for The Maze Quest, and you need Glass Graal, Lantern, and the key to the shack to do The Castle Quest.

Red Circle is The Joint location.
Blue Circle is where the Shack is.

Talk to the guy that the black arrow is pointing to.
Then you get a key which will let you walk in the shack that the red arrow is pointing at.

Get the lantern that I circled, when it's dark it gives a small ammount of light.

Here's a picture of the dark room full of blocks. Use the lantern to see a little. The blue blocks you can pull, the red blocks you can push. If you messed up, like you're stuck and you really cant do anything, say "reconnect me" to reset blocks, if you're STILL stuck, warp out with warp ring or say "unstick me" after 30 seconds of not moving and start over. The blocks will reset to normal when you reconnect.

Here's the final room, just read the book, and you should obtain the Glass Graal.

If they're any mistakes just tell me, although i dont think there is (unless i messed up on the thumbnails or something)