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07-14-2006, 01:57 AM
First you need the warp ring, which is located in Zol's Pub. Go to Zol's pub and walk through the door Next to the Stormina NPC. Walk up ontop of the Toilet, the warp ring should be down there!

Brother's House, and Golden Realm are locations already in the warp ring.

Use the following Overview map just incase you are unaware of where the following locations are located.

Aeria Bank
When you enter the bank, walk straight up to the light that is not lit, and push on it.

Angel Clan
Go to Angel Clan, walk up to the mail box by the house, and pull on the front of it.

Burger Refuge
Go into Burger Refuge, walk behind the counter and hit the first register to the right.

Destiny Boot Shop
Go into Destiny Boot Shop, and hit the plant on the right Table

Destiny Guildfort
Enter Destiny Guildfort, Go down stairs and push on the first column in the upper right hand side

Exodus Spar Area
Place a bomb outside of Exodus Spar Area, pick it up, walk inside Exodus Spar Area, go to the back of the room and throw it up on the plant left of the center door

GC Studios
Go under the Nafets river bridge, and the warp jewel should be sitting there (freebie)
(here is another image just incase you don't know where the bridge is)

Graal City Bank
Enter Graal City Bank, and hit the plant to the right of the Teller.

Graal Castle
Enter graal castle through the side entrance west of the main gates. Place a bomb by the Kegs near the bookshelf. Take the stairs down and open the chest to recieve warp Jewel
(here is another image just incase you don't understand where the side entrance is)

Mod Fort
At Mod Fort, walk up to the fountin, and hit the first stream of water coming down.

PK Area
Go to PK Area, and hit the back wall near the Spectators Small warp.

Sister Gertrude's Orphanage
Go to SGO and place a bomb by the Kegs.

Supernick's Battle Arena
Enter Supernick's Battle Arena, go through the right door in the back of the level, then go through the door all the way to the right back of the level, then enter the first door which leads to the Library. Go to the last bookcase on the right side, walk up the stairs and pull on the books.

Zol's Pub
Go to Zol's pub, and go to through first door on the left, then go up through another door, place a bomb in the little puddle of water to recieve your warp jewel.

Taylor Richards
Go inside Taylor Richards, walk all the way in back of the room by the pots, and hit the Brown outfit.