View Full Version : A formal announcement

07-12-2006, 11:46 PM
As of now, I am allowing any former citizens of Zormite to immigrate to Samurai in order to attain citizenship. Though they may have had an unruly history, I trust that they shall not commit any acts of violence while wearing the banner of Samurai. If, by some chance, you are being bothered by someone bearing our kingdom's honourable name, please take a photograph (screenshot) of the act in progress. If the proof is viable, the troublemaker shall be dealt with accordingly. If not, the case shall be dismissed.

I do not want to hear of any citizens of Samurai committing acts that would instigate war, so if there are any issues with the Citizens of Samurai that other kingdom members have, please come to me before initiating any conflicts.

My aim is not war against any person or persons, but to rebuild what was once ruined many moons ago by Empress Reiko Miyamoto. Please make note of that before questioning me about my actions.

Thank you.