View Full Version : Recent Bug Fixes

06-26-2006, 01:47 AM
(June 25, 2006)

1. Spar Rating not updated for pressing the R key is fixed. It was related to a part of the change to help reduce lag in the damage system and someone reverting the string showed for the R+key back to the old way of showing it.

2. Map gani twitching is fixed. It wasn't checking to see if the gani was already set.

3. Explosions gani no longer lags. The explosion gani was being set serverside when it could just as easily have been set clientside.

4. Fixed pushing so that you can only push when you're facing a wall, even in opposite boots. Jumping in Opposite Boots was maintained.
4a. Fixed pushing to include NPCs and Players. Forgot to add this.

5. Pushblocks and pullblocks now draw under the player.

6. The "chase" camera mode no longer twitches when entering a level that isn't mapped.