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06-25-2006, 08:27 AM
The undead commander stood over a large table carved as an exact replica of the Forest island. On this large table were many carved pieces of zormitian troops, his command bunker location, and enemy fortress.

A zormitian soldier rushed into the room just then quickly disturbing the commander from his study. He whispered quietly into the commander's ear, bowed, and exited. The commander's smile was wide, if rotting undead can smile.

The commander pulled out new pieces, elven carvings and a few ships, and some rag wearing cutlass wielding pirate figures. He began placing them quickly about the table, and then stood back.

Just then one of his high command, Centurion Vamp strode in, carrying the corpse of an elf, with a letter in his mouth. He spat the envelope on the table, interrupting the commander's pondering again, then dropped the corpse onto the floor, making a loud splatter as it landed.

"Grand Marshal Tiberius, news from the forest, they are mobilizing again" the Centurion spoke, addressing Grand Marshal Bosh Tiberius in all respectful fashion.

The commander eyed the corpse in pity. Vamp was never gentle with interrogations. "And I trust this letter will give me the final positions?" He lifted a small paper from the envelope and muttered a few words to himself, and the paper glew with the 'secured plans' of the elven forces.

Bosh grinned vicously, he knew it was time to settle some scores, and to bring at least half of his conflict to a swift end. He quickly moved to the other side of the table, where the castle of forest was positioned. And he began to outline the plan with his magical castings.

He looked back up to the Centurion shortly. "Alert the foreward command, they will be briefed, and then we shall move as I say."

((Battle saturday, July 1st, 2006. Starting around 3pm and ending when we end. On forest island, continuation of our first battle. I will update this as the story unfolds.))

06-25-2006, 08:36 AM
we're doing cp 4 days a week :o