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06-12-2006, 02:27 AM
"... In the depth, far, far away.. Land could finally be seen. The ship finally comes to a stop.. I take one last glance, back to the ocean.. And then slowly step off the ship.

As I walk the sandy shores of my home.. Dustari.. The sun beating down on me.. I just know that I am glad to be home. I see a tree in the near distance, flurishing the ground full of shade.. I head towards it.

My best friend, and most trusted Advisor.. Argosax Haelis's hammer drags on the ground to my side.. leaving a small line as I walk.

I reach the tree, and lie down.. It has been very hot..

Within minutes, sleep overtakes me. Nightmares begin instantly, nightmares that have been recurring everytime I sleep.. Nightmares that started on that night.. That one horrible night..

I violently start to shake.. Sweat drips down my face.. I know this is a dream, but I cannot fight it.. The pictures.. The visions.. The sounds.. That one night..

'SAMUEL!' I hear as I am jarred awake.

'SAMUEL! My Brother!'

I open my eyes, to reveal my loving Brother, Stewart Snow.

'Greetings, my Brother..' I say, as I stand.

We clench together, a strong hug of unification.. 'I'm so glad to see you're alive, Samuel!'

'And I say the same, to you, my Brother. Who is this?' I point at a man, standing right behind my Brother, wearing almost identical equipment as Stewart.

'Ah. Samuel, this is my adopted son, and fearless Guard, Donny Snow.'

'A pleasure!' Donny says, as he extends his arm. 'Stewart has told me so much about you.'

'Aye. Good to meet you, Donny.' I say, as I accept his hand shake.

I turn, again, to my Brother, Stewart. 'How has my son, Steven, been?' I asked.

Stewart, looking a bit flustered.. then explained the situation to me. 'Well.. Steven could not wait for your arrival anymore.. He begged me night and day, and won many spar tournaments held within our Kingdom.. He proved to me that he was strong enough.. Thus.. I let him do what he wanted to do.. and that was go out and search for you, and sir Argosax Haelis..'

'You what?!' I yelled.

'Calm down, my Brother! I know it sounds bad.. But Steven became one of the greatest warriors I've ever seen! He is, afterall, your son, right?'

'I guess you are right..' I sighed.

'Well, since you get to ask questions, where is the all knowing Advisor, sir Argosax?' Stewart says.

I look at the ground, not wanting to inform him of the news..

'Samuel! WHERE is sir Argosax?!' Stewart yells.

'Stewart.. Argosax... He is not dead.. He is just.. gone. Gone for a while..'

'No..' Donny says, with a look of shock on his face. 'Stewart.. You said they would be fine..'

Stewart took a seat.. staring off into the deep blue Dustari waters.. I went over and sat next to him and put my arm around him.

'Stewart.. Argosax and I had done everything we planned to do.. We met up with his real family.. We helped a distant land through troubling times.. We did many things to help many people. I knew we should have came home sooner, but Argosax, his heart being so large.. Just didn't want to stop helping.. There were so many people in need.. He wanted to help each and every one of them. You know Argosax..'

Stewart closed his eyes, and nodded.

'But.. One night.. We were attacked.. Many masked men broken into our home, during our last dinner.. We fought.. We fought hard. We tried to fight them off, but we were highly outnumbered. They killed his family, right there in front of his eyes.. We were not able to kill off these masked men. They killed his family and fled. Argosax blamed himself for what happened.. He told me he must follow their trails.. It was something he must do, and must do alone. He then extended his arms to me, holding his precious blue hammer. He was giving it to me. He told me to use it in his memory, and to keep the rust off of it, until his return.'

'I tried to talk him into letting me join him on his new journey.. But he would not have it. They killed his family, and I could see it was something he had to do, not just for his family.. But for himself.'

'I see.. said Stewart, as he rose to his feet. Then we better get you inside, and get some food in you, my Brother.'

'Aye. It is great to be home.' I said as I accepted his help up, and the three of us walked to our home, united as one, and in the name of Dustari, once again.

06-12-2006, 02:33 AM
Tis' with a warm heart, I welcome back my brother Samuel. He has been gone for a long time. I can only hope you all show him the same respect that you show me. For those of you who don't know him, try not to get on his bad side, for the taste of his hammer is not pleasant. Welcome back Samuel.

06-12-2006, 03:01 AM
Ay..Welcome back, I look to Stewart as my father and being his brother I am sure i will also grow to view you as my Uncle. Your fine weapon skills have been well recorded for this migfht be the first time we are meeting but your legend has lived on. It is an honor to be in your presence now and welcome back to this great land.