View Full Version : Numpad problems in V4 with Linux

06-06-2006, 01:01 AM
When I go into the key options and set some keys to numpad, it always treats (and whether or not the numlock status is on or off) the numpad keys as numbers (or at least it maps it as that). In other programs, like it should, it's functioning as arrows when numlock is off. Setting the keys to the regular arrow keys doesn't make the numpad work either.

Example: I press numpad 8 with numlock off in an attempt to get the up arrow, but it comes up as 8. When I try to press that in-game, it just ignores the key altogether. However, if I press the 8 key on the number row (left of backspace), it works. It seems to be mapping the numpad to the number row.

I'm using KDE in Mandrake 2006 (using others like Gnome doesn't fix it either). When I try the same thing on Windows, everything works right with the numpad; doubt it's a keyboard problem. Given, I have yet to test some other keyboards, though I can if confirmation is needed.

06-10-2006, 04:26 PM
After trying a few more possible workarounds, nothing did the trick. I asked another Linux user to test if the numpad did the same for him on Graal, and it did. I should've got him to post here.

Is the Linux version using keycode detection for the key binds? When I use xev in a console and press a numpad number, it shows it as the same keycode when numlock is both on and off. Maybe it should be detecting the "KP value" instead? Provided it says "KP_4" when numlock is on, and "KP_Left" when off, everything is working fine on the OS itself - and proof of that being it actually does work as a left arrow key (when numlock is off) in text editors.

Can anyone fix this? I'm sure the time I've waited [for a reply] is 4.9 times longer than it would've taken to fix.