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06-04-2006, 12:37 AM
Hello Everyone.

Here is what happened. Everything was going great.. The tileset was being worked on.. I told Lat Applicants to stop applying UNTIL i get the tiles so basicly no work was done. Then lance, Stopped talking to me and Quit without saying anything...

This is the last.. The final call for ol' west.. Im hiring EVERYTHING.. We want only dedicated staff... We want to make this work.. Were keeping the ol' tileset.. We'll prolly add onto it while the server progresses but its just cosmetic.. nothing more.. We want to get the concept on its feet..

Ol' West.. wants You!

This is just the extract from my last post about ol' west...
The Year is 1881, During the US Revolution, Faction vs. Faction, Wide Eyes vs. Red Skin.. Cowboy VS. Indians. It will the same as the oldern days.
There Will be territory wars for ressources, and open trading between factions. The indians, The skilled hunters, Will gather furs and trade for better guns. With the furs the Cowboys shall be able to make clothing with Clothing Recepes. We will in time edit the current tileset.. But its just cosmetics They're will also be custom Bodies for the clothing system. We are making the item sytem a string based item system. The server is mostly in GS2. Right now we will not be hiring LAT's until the new tiles are done but we still need some scripters and GAT's, But you will be tested so don't come along if you don't know what your doing. Expect hard work, This time we are dedicated and we shall not give up. Everything is serious, Though we have some fun moments, it is not always play time. On another note for people saying that this is another "Era", There will be an RP side to it, A Storyline from the US Revolution for each Faction, so do not be amazed if you find yourself not always being brutally killed, Not all lvls will be PVP Enabled.

These are a few of the Things we do plan on doing that we have discussed in our Chat Room:
(Note: This is not the only things we have talked about, We have ALOT More things discussed)

Bank Robbery, Event will be able to be held 3-4 Times a Week a certain day (Not yet Chosen) It will be like CTF, Posse Vs. Posse (CIVILIANS GET OUT OF THE WAY, Once the Bank Robbery is Started Both posses try to bring bags back to their bases, The Bank has 5 bags, Whoever at the end has the most bags wins a Sum of money that goes to the Posse Safe, The leader then decides how he wants to split the money...And in the End there will be train robberies but we wont go into that

Horseback Riding, A Player shall be able to learn how to ride a horse. Thus giving a better travelling time, Weapons Can be used on horses, But your aim will not be as good as will umounted. You need to take care of your horse, Feeding and Keeping it in good health, It cannot run forever, let it rest.

There will be Trains taking you from place to place. A Faster travelling time and they can take you anywheres, at a price.

The Jobs Include: Mining and Smithing, Gathering Jobs (Fruits, Berries etc), Collecting Hide and Furs from animals, And the Bounty System

The Bounty System has its ranges from 1-10.. Once you get lvl 8+, When you are killed People get Money for killing you. When approaching lvl 10 (Around 9.5) Your name is posted on a wanted poster. If you are killed while lvl 10, The person who killed you gets a greater ammount of money and you lose all your wanted, Thus losing your Reputation

The economy will be very strict and low like in the old times. The player owned shops will be charged taxes on every item so the economy doesnt get out of control, and the prices rise as the economy grows, seeming like everything is evolving

The Posses, Well there will be limited ammounts. Each Posse will be entitled to their own base/Custom guns. There will be restrictions though. The posse will need to earn enough money to Buy Their Land, Once they have land, They can buy their Gun Spawn. They just have to tell us Rifle/Pistol and Fast/Slow. Then we shall design it for us, In the end, All guns will be pretty equal so there will be no Overpowering Guns. And lets say your in the posse you have the gun and you leave because you want to collect all of the guns, Too bad. You leave the posse you lose the gun. Like a betrayal Punishement. We will have X Number of Gangs. So Therefor there will be 2X Number of Gun Templates, First come first serve Basis.

The Guns will Have different Calibre Ratings. Lets say a Pistol can take .356 and .450 Calibres.. Well the 356 Will be faster but shoot less hard then the 450.. But you buy a .500 calibre pistol and it rocks the damage out of the previous ones, but shoot less fast.. Example:
.356 = Normal DMG, Fast Shot
.400 = Medium DMG, Medium Shot
.500 = Strong DMG, Slow Shot
Also same thing for Rifles, .356 and .22 and Shotguns will be 12 Gauges but they can be sawed off.

Note: Not all guns will be able to take the ammo, For the bigger ammo AKA: .50 Calibre, It will take a bigger gun like a Magnum. Also the Bigger the Gun and the Bigger the ammo, The More Expensive it is.

The Factions will be: Wide Eyes (Cowboys) and Red Skins (Indians)
We might add Classes but we arnt sure. If there was it would be for example Sharpshooter = +1 DMG, Outlaw = +1 Speed, ETC.. but not sure about it yet.

All applications for LAT's, GAT's , Ganis, SFX Report to me.. Either add me on aim: Djinn Telvecho... Come on Ol' West or email me at [email protected]

For NAT's, Contact MaGgotRelife on Aim or Contact me first and il get you in touch with him
Thanks for you're time guys. We are going at it hard and need help.
-Ol' West Management

06-05-2006, 01:45 AM
No staff eh.. I guess its dying...Gonna sponsor a playerworld i guess

06-05-2006, 02:00 AM
No staff eh.. I guess its dying...Gonna sponsor a playerworld i guessI would help if I had anything to offer. All I can do is levels, but people have told me I'm not that good at that either.
I hope someone helps you. I would like to see a different theme.

06-05-2006, 03:08 AM
Yeah, Good Luck

06-05-2006, 05:01 AM
We already have the Gmap generated and all the checkpoints made.. Most of the scripts are near complete.. we just need a few gats for more Wall/Floor Designs added to the tileset.. and Lats to complete it all.. Maybe like 1-2 Nats more MAX... .Cmon its an easy project.. Join the fun :(

06-05-2006, 03:57 PM
Wait, What Ever Happened To You Guys Being On Hosted O_o I Was New Then

06-05-2006, 04:30 PM
Well since production stopped and nothing was being made, we came off hosted..

06-05-2006, 05:01 PM
:o Ohh, i thought maybe it got revived

06-05-2006, 07:04 PM
Thats what were trying to do lol.. it has so much potential..

06-05-2006, 11:33 PM
If I wasn't busy I would help. Good luck.