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05-14-2006, 02:21 AM
Mr. Zartur needs your help! His job in the Republic is too keep the island free of ugly clutter like fortifications, yet, alas, there is too much for him to handle! "I'll lose my job if it isn't cleaned up soon!" he was reported to have said.

Mr. Zartur is asking your help in cleaning up the ugly fortifications on Zormite. Thanks to Zartur's idea, each citizen is asked to meet at the Castle next Saturday at 12 o'clock USCentral time, from where each citizen will keep tally of how many forts they've destroyed*.

Mr. Zartur has offered an Enchant Armour to whichever kind soul can help him keep his job!

*Various kingdom leaders will be present and go with 1 to 5 people to make sure they actually are getting rid of as many forts as they say they are.

EA provided by your Minister of the Interior :)