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05-11-2006, 09:33 PM
Justin Zakinthos was born in a small house a few miles east of the Solitaire Inn, during the reign of Etien the Deranged. His father was the mayor of Kurol, but chose to live in the country to keep his son from the 'influences' of politics and the city, until he was old enough to be able keep his own identity.

Justin's favorite activities always varied upon the changing of ages and seasons as was always to be expected of a Zormitian, but his main hobbies include swimming, and the study of history and law during his weekly visits to the libraries in Archigos Assembly Hall

Justin's father was a combatant in the usurp of the Bel'la Olplyn drows that stormed the Zormitian castle and claimed their reign on the land for a grueling ten years, under which the Zormitians were little less than farmers. During this time Justin's family was forced into hiding for the Bel'lans were searching for all former political leaders, including his father. For a little over three years his family hid in the basement of the Solitaire Inn (run by his father's best friend for years on end), only leaving to the water at night.

Justin now rises to the challenge of creating a True Zormitian Republic under the reign of Zoogi the Rebuilder.

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Oh right. I read your PM and meant to re-add you but then forgot about it.

You can rejoin, but before you can establish a bureaucracy, you have to get 3 or 4 people who want to be a part of it.

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Skaven was a nice man and he has a store in a little city near the zormite's island. A day someone with an axe came in his house and killed his mother, brother and his young son. Since this day he sworn to kill this men. he heard a rumor : this men is in the samurai's kingdom. This man, gone to evil, need an ancient artefact very powerful for increase his power because the killer is very strong. This is the graal.

05-25-2006, 10:38 PM
Morgan Steele was raised by her mother Destiny Steele,but Morgan's forever name is and is to be known as Morgan Rainstorm.
Morgan has one brother who was adopted into her family named Ravenblade Rainstorm, a very nice and kind younge lad.
When Morgan was first born she was kindly accepted into a kingdom called Forest and stayed there for a very long time, then she felt unacceptance towards her and had moved away to Zormite where she is hoping to feel more at ease.
Morgan has always fancied making money and helping others, She is one who likes to find a goal and accomplish it... On Morgan's seldom time she works full shifts at an food shop, Misty Mug Tavern, only to Manage it and serve others. Because of Morgan's work hours at the tavern she plans to keep at least one of her houses on forest because its faster travel and may let the other die down, Her future see's herself building a newly house with her brother on Zormite though. To the rest to be seen....

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And not because it was a completely 'touching' work of art but because you atleast got the point across and I know you.

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Ravenblade was born into a family of miners from Dustari. During his life the
Dustari family is all he knew. Then a big accident happened in the mines and
they died where he lived but couldn't remember anything. Then a younge lady named Morgan Rainstorm and her mother, Destiny Steele, found the young boy stranded and all alone.... They took him home and cleaned him up, the mother tried everything she could do to find his parents, and as the time grew, so did he, and their family..... In time they all came to love one another and found out from reports that his parents had died. Ravenblade could still remember little, but encountered new memories with Morgan throughout his new life.

Ravenblade sometimes wanders the mines at night trying to find something. What it is he doesn't know. He has faced impossible odds sometimes and come out of it fine. He joined Forest along with hiss adopted sister and made the rank of Recruiter. Then one day decided to join Zormite to see if he can make a difference there as his feeling told him that maybe some answers lie there about his past.