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04-28-2006, 02:44 AM
On Government System: I changed the name back to simply "Zormite" because including the system of government in the kingdom name means that the name has to be changed whenever the system of government changes. I intend to keep the system of government as a republic, however, and I will change the name back to "Zormite Republic" if people really want me to.

On Ranks: Firstly, "political" ranks such as Senator will almost certainly be abolished (Don't worry Oasa, you'll get put in a rank in which you will have some actual power) as such ranks generally just become recruiters who happen to have a lot of "letter" powers that never really get used, rather than possessing real authority.

I'm also considering a system where certain members might be allowed to establish their own factions within the kingdom with their own set of ranks.

On Authority: I want to move in a direction where less power is concentrated with the leader (me) and more power and freedom is given to middle-ranks (i.e. General, Head Mage, etc.) In practice I'm not quite sure what the will mean yet.

On Democracy: I'm not sure how it will happen, but I would like it to happen.

On The Flag: It will be changed/abolished. Sorry Matthewski, but if it makes you feel better you were a great comrade.

On Samurai: My position is that Oasa stays unless he breaks a rule and that other kingdoms shouldn't get involved with who gets what rank or who is allowed in the kingdom unless they have evidence that the person in question is a scammer or something else truly heinous. Just because the guy annoys you isn't enough. Whether or not the war continues will depend on whether or not Samurai accepts that position.

If anybody (kingdom member or not) has anything else in the kingdom they think should be changed or any ideas on good rank/government systems, suggestions on anything else, or any complaints about the above statements, they should post them here.

Note to other kingdom leaders: I'm ready to negotiate on stat caps any time you want to.

04-28-2006, 10:56 AM
My suggestions are, that the Zormite Island needs new life:

More Buildings and Possibilities

Zormite Island should get new Functions, new production places, maybe a new town, and so on; maybe even a new Castle

More Roleplay

Several places made only for roleplay should be added to the kingdom island: ruins, maybe for a background story, a working tavern, and conference rooms in the Castle.
The Republic should get a full background story, that would allow to develop real roleplay.

These are my suggestions for now

04-28-2006, 06:34 PM
You haven't been to Archigos, Solitaire, or Kurol, have you?