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04-23-2006, 08:08 PM
Alrighty, I'm hiring planners right now for the server I plan on getting started in the near future, after it's all down on pen and paper. However, I don't just want my ideas alone on the server, so here's the skinny:

Crisis is going to be a PvE server with a big emphasis on quests and a tangible storyline rather than trying to kill each other or roleplay. All the races involved will be realistic creatures belonging to different areas of the world, while the enemies primarily consist of an invading force of machines. If it sounds good to you, and you're not too skeptical, apply for one of the following below. Remember, this is just stuff you can come up with in your spare time, and all I'm looking for is a lot of idea input.

Jobs available:

Bestiarist (Submit 10+ creatures with detailed descriptions.)
Mapper (Submit a list of locations with various themes, and with one of those locations, list all minor locations therein with descriptions as well.)
Spellmaster (Create 15+ spells with detailed descriptions. The most original spells will make you a more likely candidate.)
Statistician (Present a list of algorithms and what they would be used for determining. If they are incredibly long, I will probably ignore them. The ones which work most effectively and are simple will be considered more.)
Character Developer (Present a list of 5 NPC Characters, and tell me all about them. Why are they important. What was their history like. What type of creature are they? How do they contribute to society. I will judge based on how well you think it through.)

I may add to this list more in the future. Don't be shy on applying, because I'm essentially asking for the help of people who feel they come up with some really good ideas. Those who come up with the best ideas will be given access to the server's planning documents, which may be worked on by any of the developers. Send me a forum PM with your application if interested.