View Full Version : Housing on gk (Really good idea)

04-21-2006, 09:51 PM
Reason it costs so much to get mansions or customiseabke houses on gk is because staff have to upload them. and it takes time for them if everyone had and wanted uploading houses they'll be off their feet more busy then they are.
but.. why not change it all together then??
make a script where if you get the scroll it enables a script where you can customise the house inside in real time on the actual server? and don't say it cannot be done because on n-pulse they had the same thing there except it was a picso.png tileset but thats easily replaceable. people have shops.. alchemy factories and main rooms. if more people could get their ideal homes to their style it would reduce some buildings on kingdom island which would in theory reduce lag too which is good for all. and you could sell these scrolls at 1 ec each. this is do-able as i've seen it happen before and staff wouldn't need to upload them. so what you do your house tile by tile like offline editor without the dragging tool. but we'd have the patience and the time for that. you can have all your stuff in.. house on top floor. shop main floor. alchemy xD and furniture to keep visitors out your unwanted rooms.
and the stairs can't be a problem. ytou can create warp fields using scripts. eg ships, treasure maps so that should not be a problem. don't you agree?
And those of you saved and recently bought a mansion or customiseable house. look at the bright side.. you can build another cheaper xD

04-22-2006, 05:46 PM
See, the idea is good, but what the staff won't see is that it will allow them to be lazy in the long run, all they see is it takes some initiative.