View Full Version : Rules for posting in the section

04-19-2006, 02:34 PM
1.) Offer and advertise only items from Graal Kingdoms.

2.) Selling, buying and announcing for real money are not allowed in this forum and results in a ban.

3.) All trades have to be transacted in game only (not over AIM, MSN etc.).

4.) You are allowed to make three advertisements a week and max. 20 sorts of items at once.

5.) Account trades are illegal, also the announcement!

6.) Don't argue over prices set by the seller. If the price is too steep or shallow, make a point of it, but don't attack someone for it.

7.) The posts should be made like you would a sign or bulletin board. List what the item is, if possible - stats, how much or what items you want for it.

8.) Don't include phrases that try to coax people into thinking the item is rarer.

9.) Don't offer or advertise evidentially valueless things.

10.) Don't use this forum for questions or discussions.

11.) Moderators can delete your advertisement after 4 weeks.

12.) If your advertisement was deleted because you broke a rule, you have to wait one week to post a new offer.

13.) Don't spam!