View Full Version : What should be done.

04-10-2006, 02:49 PM
Gk is a lot of the time empty.
we could take some measures to populate the server a bit.
Unholy nations... maloria... i played them both and yet gk is way better. but they more popular.. main reason is they don't know about it. i played graal for 2 years before i ventured to gk. reasons being? on trial there was nothing there for you to do. i played trial on and off. eventually got to the point where i hated it. but luckily someone shwon me how to build a ship. after that i was hooked on this server. You should allow trials to wander and keep their items... but restrict them a bit. like taking part in events.. joining kingdoms ect. those things make up gk. that would definately stil make them subscribr but populate the server even more. so basically there always be ships sailing for us pirates to sink har har. more customers for misty mug tavern. more people trading and selling items.. And as ous older players love. a lot of noobs willing to mine for you for platinum coins. newer guys have more energy.