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04-08-2006, 03:51 AM
The event will be held Saturday 4/08/06 10:00am Central (the time may be moved back slightly if need be for more players). If someone can translate that to other time zones thanks. I am poor with time zones. If there are any delays I will post them as soon as I can. Please keep everything nice and fun.

Sorry for the short notice, but I wont be able to do it the next two weekends so it has to be this one.


The Guild of Thieves is looking for a new recruit. We lost a member recently trying to retrieve a certain thing of value. So if you would like to join you will need to retrieve this item. There will be 3 tasks you most complete.

Firstly, you will need to find your way into the Thieves den. If you are spotted by any member of the guild, or caught in the den you will be killed. Once inside you must retreive information on the location of this item of value.

Second, you will need to procure the item we desire. Be warned the protectors of this item will kill you on sight. The item is quite valuable.

Third, you will need to bring the item to a member of the guild to recieve your prize. Be warned the other members may try to stop you from getting there. You will only have so much time before the guards notice it is missing and come looking. If you are caught you will be killed. (If the person who retrieved the treasure is caught and killed. We will go back to part 2 and someone else will need to get the treasure. So I recommend trying to slow the person with the treasure down until a guard can get them.)

A few things/rules to note.

-If you are hit by a member of the Guild of Thieves during the event you will be killed. Remember this it an RP event.
-Being killed means you are out of the event.
-You must stay in character as a person trying to join the Guild of Thieves. Beeing caught out of character will eliminate you from the event(Unless there is good reason).
-Event Masters will make up the guild of thieves , and maybe some other trustworthy people if there are not enough EMs on.
-Everyone wanting to participate will need to notify me before the event, as all applicants will be given a tag for the event. There will be ample notice before the event starts.
-Should you lose your tag it will mean you have been killed and are eliminated from the event.
-All Guild of Theives members will have a tag also so you know who to watch for.
-Anyone not participating please leave event players and workers alone.
-There may also be prizes for good RP.
-Killing other applicants is ok but you are not required to be in b-mode. Killing Guild members/Gaurds will get you removed from the event.
-Holding out your shield will indicate you are walking quietly. (Pressing and holding D on most peoples keyboard layout.)
-Guild members/guards cant see through walls and such so if you are on one side and a guild member is on the other they cannot see you. Though if you are not walking quietly we may hear you and come running.
-The event will be held in 3 parts. We will seperate each task to keep things organized.

-Sneaking up on Guild members and guards and knocking them out is possible, though a bold thing to attempt.

Edit: 08:00 am pacific - 11:00 am east coast - 15:00 GMT

04-08-2006, 04:19 AM
What's prize

04-08-2006, 05:25 AM
Prize: Gloves of the Bandit

Honorable Mention for coming so close:
Prize: Gold Key

Best RP:
Prize: Brutal

Special thanks to
Geovanie Legend for helping set up and being a guard and idea assistance.

Tempist for manning the kill count.

Alan Steele
Paul Dibides
Cid Highwind
for being gaurds.