View Full Version : Abyss Eterne - Hiring

03-25-2006, 07:12 PM
Currently needed are 2 classic-style LATs, and one scripter.

For the LAT position, please submit 5 indoor/underground levels of your best quality, after I've reviewed your work I will determine if I can use your skills.

For the scripter position, Contact me directly for review.

All contact via AIM, MSN, or Y! messengers at the following:

AIM - Frolicgfx
MSN - [email protected]
Y! - Frolicgfx

Current plan for A.E. is to develope a backbone server to meet classic tab requirements, after which, I will be taking actions to move the server towards a more dynamic style of gameplay with a new isometric map system, better chat functionality, and in depth character developement, down to race, class, gender, and individual skills.

Contact me for any other specifics via the above messengers, I will most likely not be responding to this thread due to message throttling of my classic account.