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03-15-2006, 02:41 AM
Here is the new 'change of command' for the Royal Elven Navy:
Admiral (Valanduil Claudius Nicholl)
Captain (Van Dascar)
First Mate (None-Captain's Choice)
Sailor, Harbor Keep (HK: Nymyl Mithrandir. Sailors: Too many to name)
Sailor (too many to name)
Harbor Keep (Nymyl Mithrandir)
Shipwright (too many to name)

It is the job of each Captain to teach all new recruits general naval term such as port bow, stern, etc. It is also the Captain's job to add people to his fleet. There are two fleets, and two Captains:
Captain William Weston of the South Seas
Captain Van Dascar of the West Isle

Both Captain's are responsible for their own First Mate

It is the job of the First Mate (or Admiral when First Mate is not available) to take new recruits through the maneuvering course on Forest. (For security purposes and for the knowledge that this is publicly accesable, exact location will not be named).

Harbor Keeps are responsible for keeping the harbor full of ships and cannonballs, and for keeping the ships at 100%. Shipwrights are to aid their Harbor Keep in this endeavor.

Sailors are directly answerable to the Admiral, Captain, and First Mate. They do as their title suggests, and more. This involves sailing (a given) and cannon firing (a given). If a Sailor finds himself with his own vessel (which will happen, every now and then) it is the job of the cannoneer to... what'd ya know! Fire the cannons.
Some notes:
Keep your keys in your keychain, and your keychain closed when firing cannons. Keep all valuable items in bags, just to be safe. You may very well find your prescious plate mail's cannon fodder.

Do not engage any Pirate vessel that Ambassador Daze Malen is on. He is Ambassador to Forest, and we can't exactly afford to offend them.

You do orders by heirarchy. In example: If the Admiral says turn left, but the Captain says "No! Turn right!" you better be turning left.

The navy is also semi-unofficially incharge of promoting commerce in Forest. We give a small portion of our seeds to the building of shops.
Joining requirements:

To become a Sailor in the Royal Elven Navy you must give:
20 Tree Seeds
5 Coal

The same applies for those wishing to become Shipwrights.

*Note: Just because you give items, does NOT mean you will gain ranks. You cannot buy your priveleges off of an official. If you find an official giving ranks for personal favors, contact the Admiral. If he isn't around, search for the Tari.

Rank-Up Requirements:
To become a First Mate, or Harbor Keep, you must have previously given the following:
50 bottles of booze
10 Coal

*You can find booze for (c.) 2 gold coins on Samurai, on the Island of Nighthawk. Please contact the Admiral, and the highest ranking Samurai official you can find before embarking - we dont need a war started over a keg of booze.

Do NOT buy your booze for this from the Misty Mug Tavern. Because, frankly, I, and yourself, can think of atleast 20 different better things you could do with around 10 diamonds, or 5,000 platinum coins. (Booze is 30-50 plat/booze there)
The Royal Elven Navy is a home defense force, we are not the Crescent Pirates. While friendly raids are encouraged (because you consequently strike fear into potential foes and gain some experience), any massive assault needs to be approved by the Tari and the Admiral.

Again, we are a home defense force. To that, this means if any vessel bearing the flag of:

Crescent Pirates (With the exception of Daze Malen)
Zormite Republic

comes into our waters, well then, sink them! :)

For th ose wishing to join Forest, the application is in the signature you see below.