View Full Version : Forest Roleplay Clinic: 3/11/06

03-07-2006, 04:36 AM
It has come to the attention of various figures in Forest that the roleplay standards of our Kingdom are terribly lacking. To put it bluntly, we -almost- rival the former Bella Olp'lyn in our roleplay aspects.

To this, I have received Aran Draxx Zakuto's permission to... 'teach' a roleplay clinic at the Forest castle on Saturday, March 11, 2006.

While we can't force you to come, it would be... beneficial to the Kingdom of Forest and to yourself in general if Forest could be what it once was - before various leaders' application processes became lax.

The following is a basic outline of -some- of what will be covered at this.. erm.. 'clinic'.

How to put game mechanics (things that would normally be OOC in most games and Kingdoms) and word it to where it's IC
How to interact in IC(Roleplay) form on the island
What you would do when approached by one of the various 'l3373R's of Graal Kingdoms
How to make a toguild: an IC conversation
When, and when not to have an OOC conversation

Hope to see you there, it'll be fun.

And just a note, any Kingdom members who come with the sole intent of screwing around and ruining this, well.. I hope you enjoy the pillory.


Captain Valanduil Zakuto-Rayne of the Amber Crew,
Kingdom of Forest