View Full Version : 2.04 Keeps Screwing up >.<

07-03-2001, 06:46 PM
Everytime i try install Graal 2.04 it works untill the very last part then it comes up "tar:unexpected write error at graal.exe" or something and the same for commands.rtf , I've tried to install it like 7 Times and deleted the files it says there are write errors with , i tried installing it in a new folder .. it takes like an hour altogether each time its annoying , i also downloaded Setup.exe again and it did the same.. what do i do now ?!?! .. also my Graal 2.03 has messed up because of it , that says something about Graal.exe and commands.rtf too now, i added those files from my old 1.41 although it just said i can't play on this server without 2.03-2.04 :mad:

07-03-2001, 11:14 PM
OK i fixed my current graal , i deleted all the folders then re-installed 2.03 although the executable for 2.04 and the 1.0.0-7 for main won't work , the rest do though .. i still get the message "tar unexpected end of file read error" or something with that.