View Full Version : LATs needed for Argos

01-20-2006, 09:47 PM
I was able to figure out making the tileset for Argos,
so now we are looking for skilled LAT.

Send sample levels (outside and inside) in a zip file
to [email protected]
along with your former playerworld experience,
how long you have been playing graal,
holw long you have been making levels,
which worlds you worked for, and why you left.
Also any world(s) you currently work for.
Also include how many hours a week you can work on Argos.

Keep in mind that I have a plan for Argos, that your creativity will be in the making of the levels, not in how the structure of the gameplay will work otherwise. I already got plans for that. Constructive critisim is welcome.

Your level submitted must be better than the one below: (if accepted, i will send you my tileset to use for making Argos levels).
Website: http://www.figmentcode.com/argos