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Despite their lack of numbers, the Durimes have been long heralded as one of the most influential Noble Houses of Dustari. Orginally founded by Gryffon Durime and his elder brother Wryoko, the two immigrants from the deserts of Mehlk quickly ascended the ranks of the sagacious Clergy and crafty Mages, respectivly. When the Age of Families rose on the kingdom, Durime was granted the honor of being the first and only House of the Chancellor, Stewards of the Throne in the absence of a king.

The family grew in power with the arrival of Tseng Durime, who ascended the ranks of the Dustarian Knighthood from a base squire to a full-fledged Paladin. Other Durimes migrated into the kingdom from the Mehlkian desert, including Gryffon's nephew and neice, Vodallion and Arianna, and his son Padraig and grandson Skye. While the clan has been known for a more mystical or theological bent, they have generally followed faiths in the Mehlkan gods such as Myti or Teliron.

There was a short period during the rule of the Foul Queen, Zoe Sagesun, when the House Durime was stripped of it's status and it's members sent into exile. Soon after the downfall of the Sagesun dynasty, the house was reinstated with Skye and Padraig as it's patriarchs while Gryffon persued the throne of the Forest. Gryffon would later disappear into the night, leaving the Forest kingdom and House Durime to grow without him. He is presumed to be training at the fallen Temple of Mytri in Mehlk.

Currently, Padraig Celestus-Durime is the acting Regent of the House Durime which has reclaimed the ancestral fief of Silverstag Valley and it's outlying regions. Few records of the family in it's glory days have survived, but the family is once again accepting borders who wish to join blood with the clan.

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