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01-18-2006, 03:44 PM
be my guest, all p2p's are invited (only cause of guild tag)

stefan you really should allow trials to wear tags, it only affects us vip's X_X

anyway, all i ask is that you wear the tag and train deligently (i spell that right?)

i dont care if you dont wanna join so please dont post flames please

its just up if anyones interested

i want a guild thats moderate in all aspects, we are mainly a zone guild, but outsiders are welcomed, as long as your good in your field (server) or if you have great determination to become better

you can pm me around, account icemaster obviously, pm my co-leader jkool666, you can apply but i really want to meet you in person first

contacting me:

aim - kendozero3
msn - [email protected]
yahoo - kendozero3

heres the application link, be apart of the experience, just remember, your not in just a guild, your a part of our team...be a team member, remember that


contact me for any questions/details