View Full Version : A few ideas..

01-16-2006, 03:16 PM
I've noticed, seeing as this is an RP server at heart, there's no day/night setting at all. None. Zip. There needs to be. Possibly a day/year timespan, like Era has. Light effects would matter more, and a minor change it may be, but it'd make the game look alot better in my eyes.

Make fort building objects removable. I screw up one piece in my fence and I have to patch it over (ugly) or give up and build somewhere else. Annoying.

Increase the speed of ships, increase the rate they take sailing damage and make them lockable.

Make the server RP only or mainly RP with enforced OOC. I'm tired of hearing idiotic *****s (e.g, Mech) speaking leet or halfslur in marketplace and calling people nubs. If I want to hear that, i'll go to Era. I come to GK to RP, and thats what it should mainly be.

Make mining somewhat less repetetive. I'm going to get carparal tunnel in my left arm at the rate i'm mining stone for my house. Reduce the minimum mineral count to 2 instead of 5, or make the minerals drop faster.

Fix some weapons so they animate smoothly (flaming ice dagger, cloaks, etc) or for an even more impressive look, make weapons gleam or have particle effects when + enchanted (a +12 would have a small particle blue glow)

Make the cloaks matter somehow. Or at least improve them cosmetically and make them availible for purchase cosmetically.

Fix the goddamn mine cart bug in the stone mines. Two ive made, they've both disappeared as I push them in/out.