View Full Version : Database Problems

07-02-2001, 03:13 AM
Well it started with a guild problem, and I could ignore that and keep playing.

But now the problem with the euro box has gotten so bad that accounts arent even saving the data to the server, so when you log off, everything is gone.

07-02-2001, 03:20 AM
The server Graal2001 is lagged by 2 mins!

07-04-2001, 09:43 AM
This is a serious problem, and I hope stefan reads this.

07-04-2001, 05:31 PM
What is the problem?
No one had problems lately

07-04-2001, 05:33 PM
I have tested it, no problems

When you have problems with connecting to
the graal servers then its not the graal
servers that are slow, they are quite fast,
i still have connection times of 5-10 seconds
on all servers (including loading of the
account, level, and weapons)