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11-15-2005, 09:29 PM
Hello there.

What will be hiring?
Staff positions on Endora are open in the following:

- All-Purpose Developers
- Level Makers.
- Graphics Designers
- NPC Scripters
- Sound Producer.

Why should we join the project?
I believe that Endora is special. We have unique ideas and friendly staff. We always aim for the best, and we also strive to our maximum potential.

We also have an active work enviroment, and there will be always something for you to do. As a staff member, you will feel pride when the project goals are completed, instead of thinking "I could have done more" or "Hah, all I've managed to do is chat".

What kind features does Endora contain?
We will have many the cliché features such as:

- Leveling System
- Item System
- Custom GUI and Inventory Menu
- Custom Weapons/Armour
- Monsters of varied difficulty
- Mining/Farming/Cooking

We will also have a few original ideas such as:

- An Afterlife
- Advance Player-ran Businesses
- Instrument Construction
- Tayloring (There will be no "/coat black"
- Upgrades to the standard Guild System.

I have written up a small article on how the Afterlife works here:

Can I see some screenshots?
Sure you can. There are some attached at the bottom of this post.

Current Staff Members
I am the Head Development Admin.
Here is a list of other staff:

Managers: Contiga & K9
Graphics Admin: Vahn

We do not have many staff members, since this is the purpose of this post.

How can I possibley get hired?
You can talk to me on the following contacts?

MSN & Email: [email protected]
AIM: KanOfKoke

I don't mind forum PMs either.

[B][U]What am I expected to do?[U][B]
You are expected to work to the best of your ability, and produce a standard amount of work. You are also expected to treat other staff members with respect, as you would like towards yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)