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11-15-2005, 04:15 AM
The proposed system is a democratic constitutional monarchy, where the political leader of the kingdom is an elected Chancellor, who has all the kingdom rights and who's commands cannot be overuled (excpet in rare cases with the royalty). The first Chancellor will be Zero Hour.


The kingdom will be divided into four branches. The military, headed by the General, who is appointed by the Chancellor. The Guard, headed by the Head Guard, who is appointed by the Chancellor. The religious order, headed by the Seer, who is appointed by the Chancellor. And the Royalty, headed by the Emperor/Empress, who cannot be removed by the Chancellor or any other person. The first Emperor will be Etien or Kefkin. The first General, Head Guard, and Seer will be selected by the Chancellor. Together the Chancellor, General, Head Guard, Seer and Emperor/Empress form a five-member council.


The lowest rank, given to all initial recruits, is Peasant. If three council members agree that a member is sufficiently qualified (been in the kingdom long enough, active enough, a skilled enough RPer, etc.) then that member can be promoted to the rank of Citizen, giving them the right to vote in elections (explained later) and allowing them to enter one of the four branches mentioned above (with the permission of the branch leader). A peasant can be removed from the kingdom by anyone with sufficient rights to do so. Anyone with the Citizen rank or higher, however, can only be removed if three council members agree upon it.

The military is an amalgamation of land forces and naval forces, commanded by the General. The rank system of the military is determined by the General.

The guard is a defensive force, meant to defend the island from attack, and to protect high-ranking members (usually the General) when they are on another kingdom island to attack. The rank system of the guard is determined by the Head Guard.

The religious order are the most attuned to the gods and mystical forces of the lands, and usually the most proficient users of magic, though not the only ones capable of it's use. The rank system of the religious order is determined by the Seer.

The royalty is headed by the Emperor/Empress and can have important powers during an election (explained below). Positions within the royalty are considered to be ones of great honour. The rank system of the royalty and the line of succession is determined by the Emperor/Empress.


Anybody of the Citizen rank or higher can run for Chancellor in an election, including the person who is Chancellor at the time of the election being called.

An election can be called in three ways. If three council members agree to have one, or the Chancellor can unilaterally call one (either because they wish to retire, or if they wish to prove to their detractors that they have the confidence of the Zormite membership). Also, the Graal Kingdoms staff can call an election if they wish.

Once an election is called, the Emperor/Empress posts an election announcement thread in the Zormite forum. Anybody of Citizen rank or higher has 120 hours after the thread's creation to announce that they wish to run for chancellor in this thread.

After 120 hours, a poll is posted in the Zormite forum by the Emperor/Empress. The ability to see who votes for who is activated to prevent non-members and peasants from having their votes counted. Should the number of candidates exceed ten, then more than one poll will be posted, and anybody who votes more than once will have all their votes ignored. Voting will be open for 120 hours.

Should any single candidate fail to get 50% of the vote, then the Emperor/Empress posts another (final) poll with only the candidate who received the most votes and the candidate who received the second most votes. In the event of a three(or more)-way-tie for first place, or a two(or more)-way-tie for second place in the original poll, then eligibility to be in the final poll will be determined by rank seniority. Should a decision between two or more people of equal rank need to be made, the Emperor/Empress makes that decision. The winner of the final poll becomes Chancellor. Should the final poll end in a tie, the Emperor/Empress decides which of the two candidates becomes Chancellor.


The Chancellor cannot be removed from the kingdom while they are Chancellor. Same goes for Royalty members without permission of the Emperor/Empress.

The General, Head Guard or Seer can be demoted if three council members agree, or the Chancellor can demote them unilaterally. The Chancellor can then appoint a new one.

Everything in this post is negotiable. Tell me how to make it better.

11-15-2005, 04:47 AM
Things look pretty solid so far. It looks like it'll be a fine government.

11-15-2005, 04:50 AM
Indeed. Seems quite solid and should prevent innactivity, if carried out correctly.
Godspeed, Googi.

Here's to hoping the Emperor is NOT Etien:D

11-15-2005, 04:54 AM
Here's to hoping the Emperor is NOT Etien:D