View Full Version : GMAP updateboard fixed

11-10-2005, 05:23 PM
This is not directly related to v4, but I guess this is the best place to report it. This fix is important for servers that use classic stuff like bushes, but want to switch to gmaps.

"updateboard" on gmap has been fixed so that other people see the updates and so that bush respawn and similar are working. You will need to restart your gserver for those modifications. This is mainly for clientside things like bushes, but also npcserver updateboard on bushes and such should work correctly now.
Also in the next v4 version a problem with updateboard has been fixed where updates made in close levels (outside the current map part) were not sent to the server.
Things that have not been fixed yet:
- updateboard is not sent to the npcserver if clients do the update (client tiles update always disappear/respawn though)
- if you run fast away and come back to the map part where the tiles has been modified then you will not see it disappearing / the bush respawning

Also fixed problems of servers with the new scripting engine with v3 clients, there was a bug which was sending the new-scripting-code to all clients below 4.0032. For v2 clients that meant more data, for v3 clients it messed up the scripting engine. Graal Kingdoms, Zone, Era and Classic have been restarted to fix that.

11-19-2005, 12:44 AM
Stefan, do you have a collective documentation by any chance? Not just for updateboard... even though that confused me the most when I used it clientside before and it respawned the bushes on it's own. I mean, let's say you wanted a clientside tile editor, and you replaced a bush with the slashed bush? With this update you can start thinking about deprecating the old maps, right? I mean, this is nice, now I can bug Master Storm to switch from bush/etc NPCs to bush/etc tiles :D!! That would probably make the rest of the carry system a little bit more flexible if he ever gets done with his strange movement tangent... I don't see why he doesn't just use my movement functions. Works for all speeds <3, assuming a minimum shape of 16x16px on everything... and isn't that ironic... It looks like all speeds love, but it's really all speeds less than 3... well for assumed 2 width height that is, i guess.

01-04-2006, 04:59 AM
Uhhh... you know stefan... Me and Growlz tried making a shovel for classic using this, and it just copied tiles from other levels instead of using the default tiles when it was on a gmap. My extremely broken but still functional to like 1% as it was before by v4 tile editor does the same thing.