View Full Version : Ol' West is seeking help.. Again (Sorry)

Sacred Shadow
09-27-2005, 02:21 AM
Sorry for another post concerning the hiring of Ol' West.
I'm sure all of you know ... Ol' West is a Old Western style server (Name self-explainatory) with guns, as some people call it "Old Style Era"... Which I don't like it being referred as. But, I guess there is reason behind it, It is kind of like Old Style Era, with a twist. Indians will have bows and arrowhead knives. So it's not like Ol' West is just going to be all sand and such... It will have grass, tepee's, You know the whole deal.
Will be able to travel via train on long traintracks that go across the whole overworld (which isn't released) It will be neat to see you go from sand to grassy areas. We will have custom horses, for both, Cowboys and Indians. For all of you who have bashed me for calling them Indians, They are not Native-Americans for America isn't really formed at this time era.

Will be able to have Bows, Spears, find & shape arrowheads and craft knives and such. Will be able to travel via horse, but since their horses will be obtained in the wild they will go a lot faster than the cowboys' horses.

-I'm searching for Gscript2 "NAT's".. But you have to have some sort of name for yourself, I am not hiring someone I have never heard of for scripting.

-I am desperately needing "GAT's"... We have a lot of graphics we need done, and we don't have as many graphics being produced.

-Sound Effects are nice to have, but not a desperate need. You will be respected if you can do sound effects, and I am meaning quality, sounds,
or midis.

-Gani's are welcome aswell...

-If you can level well.. You're welcome to join the team, but you must know basic gscript2. (Enough so we don't get error messages in NC for your mistakes). If you don't know Gscript2, I am willing to offer you assistance, but only briefly.

Thanks for your support everybody, Sorry for the delay of fixing everything, I needed a break.

09-27-2005, 04:00 AM
im lookin foward to your server being done i had some good times playing there when my gold was active.