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09-18-2005, 08:03 AM
My project, I've been planning for a few years. I first started with Kuza back in about 2002. My Hard Drive went to hell, and I lost the massive overworld we had mostly done. So, A few weeks ago, I drew out a new one, and am slowly editing it and fixing it up. I've attached what I have so far.

My project, however, is a classic-style (classic tileset, some modifications), adventure world, with some aspects like early Graal2001. Graal2001 most likely will not be successful in it's comeback; the thing that made it good was the people that played it, not so much it's content. You can find it's content on almost ALL of the playerworlds now.

Anyways, with that said, When I first started playing graal, it was on Main (classic), and it had the biggest assortion of quests and things to do; no other playerworld online then or now for that matter could compare to it when it came to questing. It was the place to be if you liked questing and pking or guild things. This is one of the inspirations for my project. I won't be using the classic overworld, though I think Tyhm released it for everyone to have access to.

The playerworld will have mutiple feels to it. It will accomidate both the player's solo-gameplay, as well as give them multiplayer interactions (similar to graal2001, an economy, etc, just not so demanding.)

The only problem I see myself running into in the future is lack of scripting knowledge. I'm not very good, I can get some stuff done, but my talent lies in planning and level development. I've gotten pretty decent at graphics and ganis over the past few weeks of having no internet too.

On that note, I am searching for scripters who are talented when it comes to things like Q-menus, HUDs, and an assortion of other things. Level makers, I don't need so much of, maybe some that wouldn't mind making a few towns or so, but I am probably going to be able to handle a lot of levels myself. The only thing halting my progress right now is lack of scripting ability.

I can't outright show why people should join my project, and not another's, but, if you've been playing for as long as i have, and are disappointed at how most of the developing playerworlds are approaching the development of their playerworlds' future, then I think it would be in your best interest to assist me. I've been writing quest ideas and storylines for this world for a while now, and I wouldn't have a problem showing it to team members, but it's something I've put a lot of thought and tried to be creative and innovative with. I've gotten a few pages in this .rtf filled up with information and development proccesses to help development go smoother, as well as give people some light on what the world is for. I will release it to the public whenever we get further on in development, I just don't want to release it before we get it done/scripted.

But, for now, all I have to show the world is a developing overworld. Note, i'm currently redoing all of the cliffs that touch water.

09-18-2005, 03:48 PM
Sounds and looks nice, goodjob :cool: