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09-16-2005, 01:03 AM
In style of the honorable Captain Cheops Nasar, Admiral Raziel Tenjin, and Governor Alan Steele of the Crescent Pirates, I, Captain Valanduil Zakuto-Rayne of the Elven Navy will be personally taking 4 people under my wing to teach them the art that is both a mixture of honor and integrity, and full out pirate tactics (learned by my time as a Bilge Rat, etc within the Pirates)

Since the Elven Navy is new, I will accept the first four people who are already of the Elven Navy who display exquisite role playing skills and atleast enough ship knowledge to drive it.

For future reference, the following will be continually required of the Amber Crew

Constant IC RP while on Forest, though OOC will be allowed in toguilds and other places with ((ooc text)) brackets.
Maintenance and Rebuilding of the Forest Harbor
Stockpiling of Cannonballs and Wood (This is required.. by EVERYONE, including moi)
Defense of the Elven coast from invaders

Elven (and humans and orcs who qualify and who sail under the Elven Banner) will begin training on, though not limited too:

-Destruction of Land Fortications (Training Areas will be provided)
-Evasive Maneuvers against a superior opponent (Sessions will be arranged)
-Annihilation of an aggressive enemy vessel (Sessions will be arranged)
-Stockpiling wood and cannonballs (This must be done on your own, and you must have so many on hand.. this is incase of shortage and emergency)
- Ship formations to attack large enemy fleets (Semi self-learn, semi sessions arranged)
- Destruction of a Troop Transport or Merchant Vehicle (This you have to learn on your own.. unless your IQ is that of 5 you sh ould hav eno problem)
- Boarding and Seizure of Enemy Vessels [in RP] (Sessions will be arranged)

Members of the Amber Crew are prohibited from the following, infractures will result in excommunication from the crew. If the infracture is serious, you may be exiled from Forest itself, as deemed appropriate by all standard officials.

-PK'ing (No player killing unless by consent by the other. No player killing of anyone who is at a disadvantge to you. Regardless of how hard the ickle newblet presses)
-Scamming (Absolutely prohibited. Work for your own damned items)
-Hacking (Absolutely prohibited. Work for yoru own damned items AND exp)
-Disrespect to Superiors (Dont backsass Las, Dayaa, Mydia, Draxx, Axen, myself, Mikuz, or anyone else of higher rank than yourself)

PM Me on this forum or send me an ingame message.. must join Forest.... :)

09-16-2005, 03:25 AM
What the...?

09-16-2005, 03:31 AM
o.o im confused..

09-16-2005, 03:31 AM
Good to see I was left off that list of Superiors.

And I second that What the...? And add a Hell.

What the hell....?