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09-15-2005, 01:18 PM
Well, in a similar vein to _Z3phyr_'s thread about his project, I'm also in need of levelmakers.

Right now the project is as yet unnamed and is in the beginnings of its first stage of development - the overworld. Basically, I've got a map set out and I'm hard at work trying to get in all the cliffwork and coast at the moment. What I need is someone or a couple of people who I can rely on to help me with this job, as well as other levelling tasks as the project continues.

Right now I've got the cliffwork for 10 levels mostly done, with nothing else but a bare generated map. I'm looking for 1-2 levelmakers who know their way around cliffs (or want to learn by example, for that matter) in particular, but anyone that has some skill is easily considered.

A bit about the project? Well some of you may recall a thread I made a few months back about the idea. I haven't really made any progress on it since then until the last month or so when I was looking for LAT work to keep me occupied. Because I've found nothing worthwhile I've brought this project back out.

The basic idea is a classic-themed server (there's nothing original here in the concepts folks, but I'm not trying to be) with the main focus being on continued development. Essentially I'm aiming to start off with a bare, natural overworld (ie. nothing in the way of towns - just trees, grass, sea, islands and detail) and from there we'll start dotting in the beginnings of the towns that will exist. The storyline hasn't yet been considered, because I feel that quests should be made to fit into the world, not the other way around. Once the overworld has been completed, development on quests and towns will begin.

So, in summary I'm looking for 1-2 levelmakers who have some cliffing ability but are willing to learn cliffing the way I do it (I've seen some of the styles of cliffing people use, and while sometimes it can look good, it's not usually done with the best use of the tileset I believe). Alternatively I'm willing to accept people with some levelmaking ability but who don't feel they have a grasp of cliff tiling and want to learn how I feel is how to do it.

If you're interested, feel free to ask for more information and I'll do my best to give it.

If you want to try out, send me what you consider to be your 3 best examples of outside levels here ([email protected]).

I've also attached the maps, both the Graal map so far and the concept map I drafted up last year.

09-20-2005, 07:12 AM
Just by way of an update, I've a new account so anyone wanting information on the project should PM this account instead, or as previously mentioned email me here ([email protected])

As for the update proper, I've almost finished retiling the basic coast, with most of the southern peninsula tiled. Still looking for help, especially with detailing once the basics are laid in.