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09-09-2005, 03:06 PM
So you want to join Samurai?

Good for you, you've made the right choice, but your not in yet.

First thing you need to do is find someone that can add you. Right now, I can add, the Daimyos can add and the Master can add. So keep your eyes open.

To make the process easier you should be prepared before you ask to join.

You need to create a character. I suggest a Samurai-esque name, but we are fairly lenient on the rule. You also have to create a brief history for your character. This could include, but is not limited to; his/her childhood, his/her education, his/her training, battle he/she has seen/been in and about your family.

Depending on the strength of your story you can either
A)Be let in (rare)
B)Be asked a few questions (common)
C)Be told to rewrite your story.

You can rewrite your story as many times as it takes, but please, put some time into it.

I had a good story, what kind of questions will you ask?

You in all likely hood be asked a few questions about roleplaying. These can range from the simple "What do OOC and IC mean" to "What is power roleplaying"
*hint you might want to look these up if you don't already know what they mean.
There are a few other questions in my arsenal, so be ready.

I've passed, so err now what?

Let me be the first to congatulate you on joining Samurai. You will be given the rank of "Peasant"

Everyone is given the rank of "Peasant" when they join, and I mean everyone. I could care less if you are FatherDante, your still going to be a peasant.

So...how to I get promoted?

Promotions are merit-based. If I see you are becoming a important part of the Samurai community, you will see it reflected in your rank. Please do not ask to be promoted, I will think bad of you from that point forward and it will take even longer (Please DO ask me about the different ranks and which cass is right for you, I'll happy to help you choose)

I'm only level 1, does that matter?

Not in the least bit, as long as you know the fundementals of the game (i.e. I do not want someone on Start Island asking to join or someone constantly asking in toguilds how to wield a weapon) Level will also no effect your rank in Samurai, you will start as a Peasant just like everyone else, and you will be given the same opportunities to be promoted as a lvl110.

We also do not frown upon leveling, if you notice I am level 56 and rising everyday. If you need help leveling or would like to ask me questions, feel free to PM me.

I have a question.

Good, I get bored a lot, forum PM or PM me in game, I'll be happy to respond.

-Shogun Ryushi Genji

10-11-2005, 01:20 AM
Because an overwelming ammount of applications-most not satisfactory, I have decided to institute a policy of invite only.

You can still send me stories via forum PM though, it won't hurt your chances *hint hint*