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With the disappearance of Emperor Bosh and his male heir, the kingdom of Samurai was in shambles. Once centralized and in peace, the kingdom now reverted to a feudal state, with Daimyos competing for the new Shogunship. Out of these warring Daimyos few could stand to compete. Few rose to the occasion, most notable Ryushi Genji of the west, a descendent of a former Shogun, Ryuno Ishi of the south, who brought up as a peasant, rallied together a massive army of commoners and Toshiro Toranaga, a wealthy diplomat with few true followers. The struggle was quick though, after allying himself with Ishi, Ryushi Genji hastily stomped out Toranaga's influence over the kingdom. Toranaga, sensing his defeat, enlisted the help of the Ninja and in a night raid, had Ishi assasinated. Ryushi Genji, escaped the night raid with few injuries and rallied his new troops to the death of Toranaga. Ryushi Genji has taken the Shogunship and has vowed to protect a young boy of the royale family Shimada, an ancient line who can now once again prosper, until the boy is ready to lead.

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((I have assumed leadership of the Kingdom of Samurai, in the next few days I will be posting more about new members and such. Don't expect any huge changes, we will still be folloeing the Code of Zurkiba.))

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Thanks for the heads-up. =]

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Congrats Damix :cool:

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Congratulations, good luck and have fun!
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nice rp story

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