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09-03-2005, 06:35 PM
Rudora is looking for anyone who may be interested in helping out with ideas for quests, weapons, items and secrets which when put together in quantity will represent the playerworld Rudora.

Rudora is aiming to create a world that is purely fun, by concentrating only on quests (single and multi-player) which will be used to find and fund the items/weapons available to players, and also by concentrating on events. Rudora will have no "jobs" such as D,D,D,D,D things, and the concentration for character enhancement will be on quests and events.

The quests will be similar to those that were on Rudora before, and also those on Classic, where they were lengthy, interesting and a lot more complex than just killing baddies.

Some quests will just lead to the further quests, while others will give you a direct reward for your character. Some quests will not be accessible until a certain stage in the game (e.g: progressing onto other islands / a special ability needed to enter or complete a quest).

Rudora will launch with many quests, and because of this it will take some time. At the moment we are thinking up ideas and already have quite a few. Of course, the idea process will go much faster if more people are thinking them up - hence this post looking for people.

If you think you would like to help with this project, and have lots of ideas please reply stating your interest and I will contact you further.

Ideal person:

Someone who has played a lot of games and can build-on and create ideas from other games to create unique ideas
Someone who can communicate well with others
Someone who is self-motivated
Someone who can come up with creative and interesting ideas

Current State: We have got 4 zones for themes of worlds (one zone being the old world, so 3 are new compared to the last world). We will be jam-packing and adding many different buildings, quests, secrets and sub-worlds into this space.

Style: This is a classic-style world.

Communication for Staff: This will be done via a forum.

09-04-2005, 01:36 PM
Now this is a perfect example of how a thread should be made.