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07-30-2005, 09:37 AM
Ok this map i personally like.......It is a map in the woods........with few trees though (a little less than alpha) but it looks like the deathmatch almost completly (the ways the trees r setup) but this map is all open so all their is, is trees......now its like zone wars however.....their r 2 teams......1 team called Omega Scouts......1 team called Dark Guardians......Now each team has their own generator they have 2 protect (each generator has about 7,000 hp) but the generators r hard 2 find because their r holes in the ground that if you fall into the other team can attack you if they r hideing out their (their r about 10-15 holes like that) or if ur lucky....1 hole u fall in could b the other teams generator....now the hard thing about this world is no1 starts by the generators at all....so they gotta find their own generator and guard it......now their will b white flags that when u pull out u get imidiatly (however u spell it) sent 2 a prison...which is guarded by the guards of the other team.

Omega scouts=Scout speed and have Appirces,Appripper,Irpulsar,FlameThrowrer...

Dark Guardians=Scout speed and have Dark Apprices,Dark Crossbow,Dark Gravitron,Dark Beam,Dark Smg(all dark items mean they r recolored 2 red bullets and do 5 more dmg)

Hope u like

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