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07-28-2005, 08:07 AM
Ok this is just a suggestion but why not have a world that is all dark (like it was night) and have 2 teams Humans and Demons.

Now in this world it is almost completly black so it will be hard 2 c,which would be fun because their would be more sneak kills(u can also use plasma sabre as a light) or you can use a new item called a Light Shotgun,which would cost about 3,000...now the Light Shotgun will be like a shotgun weapon but with a light on it that is very bright and allow you 2 c very well and will only do 5 a hit(about gravitron dmg) and will be used obviously 2 c that u r not getting attacked,but they also can help you kill.

Now the Human team will have Appirces,Appripper,Light Shotgun (if u bought it),Plasma sabre,Muramasa,Knife,Electron,and Blue Rifel (if u bought it)
they will have the speed of marine class. They will also get ships 2 drive...Hover Bike and Speeder.

Now the Demon team will have almost all new weapons (which will take awhile i know) But they will have the plasma sabre,the knife,A new gun that is like the blue rifel but does a little less dmg than it and it shoots alot slower
but instead of it shooting out blue balls it will shoot out black balls(which will be hard 2 c thats why it is weaker than blue rifel in everyway) and they will also have appirces xcept for color changed to black and the bullets they shoot out will be red,and They will have dh18 which will be color changed black and shoot out red bullets and another new weapon which is sorta kidish but ill give it a try a mask that u buy for 6,000 that turns u into a wolf that is preety wierd cause it is all black and has bright red eyes that r used as red light(which is still preety hard 2 c with red light) or they can shoot bullets out of their eyes that shoot out like appirces but do 5 dmg. Now the wolves can also be used 2 ride but you cannot lame on top of them and shoot but the wolf(player) can shoot by himself or be used 4 light (note: only 5 ppl can transform into wolves in 1 round)

The object of this game is 2 kill all that get in your way and whoever gets the 2 bases...1 base be in a building on the top floor of it and the second base will be in the middle of a swamp (which the swim affect can be added but u have 2 buy it 4 3,000) Now this is alot of stuff 2 add but it will problly raise profits because more ppl would problly become p2p