View Full Version : no1 has liked my idea so far...but i think ppl would like this 1

07-26-2005, 09:00 AM
Ok this map is a place with preety much open land for killing sprees but it also has high mountains for a new gun called "the sniper" which will do 30 a hit but u have to get the red dot that goes out from the gun on to the person you wanna hit which is really hard.

The map will be sorta like an alpha map but instead open land for killing sprees and high mountains for sniper kills.

This map will have the hoover bike......Mech........Speeder......and a new bike which will be called the Mg bike which will have 2 things of machine guns that shoot out faster than speeder bullets but dont do as much as speeder this bike only does 5 a bullet..........Now Omega soldiers "Team 1" will have mechs and hoover bike.........Rougen Scouts "Team 2" will have Mg bike and the speeder.

Omega Soldiers will have :Plasma Sabre,Dh18,Shotgun and will have the speed of a commando

Rougen Scouts will have: Appirces,Muramasa,Smg,Irpulsar and will have the speed of a scout "which is preety much same speed as commando"

THis is just a killing spree world so nuthing special....enjoy ^^