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07-09-2005, 05:05 AM
Today, as I reminisced about my criminal past and how I escaped from prison, I remembered a cellmate of mine who wasn't quite so lucky. His name was Diego Roman Riquelme. His crimes were more heinous than anything I dare mention. However, he was a good guy at heart, and all the evil deeds he commited, he did so for his widowed mother and young sister's sake. When I was still in prison with Riquelme, I recall him writing a letter to his mother. It seemed very important, and he tried vigorously to get it delivered, but he never succeeded... at least not during the time I was there. Who knows... maybe the letter is still there in his cell. Riquelme, however, is surely dead by now.

I asked the citizens of the Archipelagos to help me find the letter. I would do it myself, but I am a fugitive, and showing my face in that prison would cost me my freedom. I offered a reward and several people went out to find the prison, and more importantly, the letter. One person reached the prison, but in Riquelme's cell he only found a locked bag made of reinforced dragonhide. In faded black print on the bag was the name 'Riquelme.' (DarkGod), the person who found it, was puzzled, and brought it to me. I picked the lock and found the letter indeed. Here is how it read:

My dear mother...Alas the day has come when I must face death for the deeds I have commited. Do not grieve for me...for in life I was but a lowly scoundrel and heartless murderer. I know that I deserve this even in your eyes, sweet Mother. But a mother's love is eternal and unconditional, I know. Though I am what I am, you love and honor me as a son.
Mother, I have one last wish. In Bomboria I buried 5,000 platinum coins at the base of the well. I wish for you to dig them up and use them to provide a fit education for my dear baby sister Alicia. I realize it is not much, Mother. I'm sorry. I have the rest hidden with me inside the prison. If the guards found out they would take it for themselves. Would that I could find a way to send it to you.
Good bye.
-Diego Román Riquelme

I asked the citizens for help once again. I asked them to go and find this buried loot and deliver it to Riquelme's mother. After a long search, a young lady named Yumi found and delivered it. Doņa Riquelme rewarded her and said this:

Is this from my baby? Thank you, Yumi. Oh, my... such a fine young lady deserves a reward. Here take these. I was going to make some earrings to sell in Bomboria Trade House, but you can keep them. Please, put them to good use, and thank you for your kindess! *sigh* I wonder how my baby is doing...

I could not tell her that her son was dead...However, thanks to the citizens, Doņa Riquelme can provide an education for her young daughter, Alicia.

What's this? Diego Roman Riquelme is still alive...?

(To be continued)

07-09-2005, 06:01 AM
Haha, I set my nick to Doņa Riquelme and PMed Yumi saying, "Hi, I'm Doņa Riquelme. Can I interest you in a dubious charity to fund my daughters education?"