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07-08-2005, 02:01 AM
* Samurai must not lose honor. And must act accordingly. Loss of honor will result in execution, banishment, or they will be forced to commit hari kari(seppuku). Depending on the situation.

**Samurai who commit Hari Kari are forever killed (in their rp charcter) and must come back as a new character entirely if their crimes are atoned for (a rarety).

1. Stealing is a dishonorable act, and can result in banishment and execution. Minor theft can result in being placed in the pillory.

2. Showing no mercy in battle is dishonorable. (same as fighting dirty, laming, spawn laming, etc) Such acts are shunned, depending on the rank of the person committing the crime, the punishment varies.

3. Disrespect (lying, name calling, things like this) to superiors and to the Shogun are acts of great dishonor. (speaking your mind is fine, but calling me names and insulting me repeatedly on tag will not be tolerated. If you do have a problem with me, talk to me in PM, or in Forum PM.) Repeated disrespect will result in execution, banishment, or you will be forced to commit Hari Kari.

4. Challenging another person to a duel, and winning, allows you to gain honor. And can put you in high favor with the Shogun and your other superiors.

Challenging a person, and losing, can result in dishonor, but not something punishable. (see challenges)