View Full Version : Rules of the Samurai

07-08-2005, 01:59 AM
1. Samurai must respect superior ranks.

2. The Honor Code must always be obeyed.

3. Members must be on tag as often as possible.

4. When on tag, members must roleplay as their character.

5. Character development is strongly encouraged, and help will be given to those who need it with this area.

6. Participation in kingdom events, and other kingdom actions, are often required if you are availible.

7. Proper in game name must be a Japanese-style name. Last name first. (For example: Shogun Zalinto Bosh (Samurai). not Bosh Zalinto)

8. If you need to go OOC and want to stay on tag(for messeging and other such reasons) simply put *OOC* after you're in game name before doing /kingdom tag.

Your name must still be first and last with tag, just *OOC* afterwards.