View Full Version : The end of Zormite

06-19-2005, 10:05 AM
The Autocrat ignored all else as he began to make his way back to the castle on Zormite. A cool wind had come in from the east bringing dark clouds and rain. The lightning shot forth from the clouds, and a loud clap of thunder sent shivers down his spine. The rain began to pour heavilly, and he was drenched to the skin as he crossed the threshold to the castle.

He stumbled forward, blindly reaching for a wall for support. He fell to his knees, and screamed in sheer frustration. His fist pounded the stone floor and he began wretching as he relived the execution in his mind. He pressed his head into his hands and began to weep.

After a few minutes, he gathered up enough strength to drag himself to the throne room. The clouds had blocked all traces of the moon, and the only light visible was a lone torch lighted in the center of the room. Its dancing flame created twisted shadows that seemed to dance on their own accord. His shallow breathing echoed loudly around him as another clap of thunder exploded outside.

He sat there for an hour. Forsaking all others, he had locked himself into the castle alone. He imagined he heard some pounding, but dismissed it as nothing more than an echo of the raging storm outside. He slowly slipped into slumber, the sleep giving him more peace then he had endured in the last month.

His eyes shot open. He couldn't breathe, and a sharp, hot pain exploded in his chest. Standing before him was a creature unlike anything he had seen. The forest people had spoken of a race, borne of hatred and greed, but those stories were myths. Here, standing in front of him was by all means an elf with one obvious distinction: dark skin. The dark elf twisted the blade he had thrust into Graynt's chest, and with that one swift cut, the Autocrat was no more.

"Lil waela lueth waela ragar brorna lueth wund nind, kyorlin elghinn. Lil alurl velve zhah lil velkyn uss," the elf hissed through clenched teeth. "Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin, jhal nindyn vel'uss kyorl nind ratha thalra elghinn dal lil alust."

The dark elf pulled the dead king from his throne, extracting the strange dagger from his chest. "L'elamshin d'lil Ilythiiri zhah ulu har'luth jal," he spouted as he assumed his new place in the throne of Zormite. "Bel'la Olplyn tlu mall, jal ultrinnan zhah xundus."