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06-18-2005, 07:30 AM
This post will be going down the list of Zone classes and sudgesting weapons for each one of them.

Defender - One who defends.
A thing I have noticed about defenders is that they are not any more defensively capable than the other classes.

kshield - Kinetic Neutralization Shield
This is not really a weapon, but a defensive measure. It puts up a energy shield in front of you that can cover you and two other people next to you.
O = Protected people
X = Not protected people
1 = You.
S = Shield

1S X

Every non-energy bullet that hits this shield will drain the energy of the shield user by 2/3 of the bullet's damage. It also stops rocket projectiles and grenades with 2 energy drain, but the explosion will hurt your health normally. Barrels drain 10 energy when impacting your shield.

eshield - Energy Deflection Shield
This shield works much like the kshield, but it deals with energy based projectiles. Every energy bullet that hits this shield will drain the energy of the shield user by 2/3 of the bullet's damage, and is deflected back at the enemy. This does not stop any non-energy projectiles.

Only enemy projectiles drain energy from your shield. You can use friendly eshields for projectile bouncing strategies.

KV12 - KV 12mm Light Defender Gun
With shields occupying one hand, the KV12 can be in your other, shooting with the other people behind your shield.
Ammo:12 mm
Freezing:0.2 secs
Power:8 hp
Speed:15 tiles/sec
Variance:15 degrees
Noise:Medium (KV24 being the highest, electron being lowest)

Marine: A confused land and sea class on snow and wasteland.
Honestly... I have no idea what this class is doing on Zone in the first place.

sweeper - Sweep Fleet "Sweeper" Special Issue Automatic Assault Shotgun
Ammo:12 mm
Ammo use per shot: 2
Freezing:0.4 secs
Power:5 hp
Speed:15 tiles/sec
Variance:30 degrees
Noise: High

mjolnir - Storm Riders "Mjolnir" Special Issue Electric Orb Launcher
The gun creates a ball of electricity in a temporary statsis that breaks when impacting on a player or prop on one of its bounces. It explodes no matter what on the 3rd bounce. When it explodes, electricity is released, dealing 15 damage in a medium radius(twice as large as grenades).
Type: Grenade Launcher
Hands: 2
Ammo: Energy Drain 25
Freezing: 0.2 seconds.
Delay between shots: 2 seconds.
Range: 2 bounces... explodes on 3rd regardless.
Speed: 7 tiles/sec
Variance: 10 degrees

Grenader - A simple class that throws explosives. Unfortunately, there are no special explosives just for the Grenaders.

shredder - The "Shredder" Blade Fragmentation Grenade
This true fragmentation grenade explodes and sends flagments flying in all directions.
Ammo:shreddergrenades (buy at shop)
Freezing:1 sec
Power:10 hp
Range:Short, 25 fragments fly 20 tiles in random directions.
Speed:12 tiles/sec, 18 tiles/sec for fragments.
Variance: 30 degrees for grenade, 360 degrees for fragments

catapult - "Catapult" Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
With the difficulty of getting grenades a long distance to the enemy, the Catapult was developed. It launches rocket propelled grenades to the enemy. The S fire sends a grenade into the air, striking the medium range. The D fire propells a grenade at a lower arc, but farther, nearly striking the mortar range.
Type: Grenade Launcher
Hands: 2
Ammo: Rocket Propelled Grenades
Freezing: 0.4 secs
Power: 45hp
Range: Medium/Long, medium explosion
Speed: 8 tiles/sec S fire(due to high arc), 14 tiles/sec D fire(due to low arc)
Variance: 20 degrees.

Sapper - A class that doesn't do enough sapping.

firemine - The "Fissure" Proximity Napalm Mine
Along with a small explosion, this mine sets fire to enemies nearby. It explodes after 10 minutes.
Freezing:0.85 secs
Power:20 explosion + fire damage over time.

gasmine - The "Ivy" Proximity Gas-based Poison Disperser
This mine sprays gas into the air as an enemy approaches, sending a gas-based poison into the lungs of enemies.
Ammo: gasmines
Freezing:0.85 secs
Power:5 + poison

Platforms - Sappers can carry one of these platforms onto the field and place them. Each sapper can only have one platform on the field. Platforms take damage first when hit with a player on it. While carrying a platform, speed is reduced to 75%

gunplatform - The "Tornado" Gun Enhancement Platform.
A player can mount onto these platforms and use their gun. While on this platform, chainguns require no charge-up, ammo does not need to reload, and shooting is not interupted when hit. While on a platform, the platform takes damage first.
Type: Platform
Deployed by: gunplatform Kit (buyable at shop)
Platform HP: 200hp + Damage Reduction 5 (each bullet/explosion damage dealt is reduced by 5)

energyplatform - The "Obelisk" Energy Enhancement Platform
While on this platform, energy regeneration is increased by 300% for the person on it and 150% for everyone near it.
Type: Platform
Deployed by: energyplatform kit (buyable at shop)
Platform HP: 200hp + Damage Reducton 5

recallplatform - The "Dimension Door" Dropship Recall Platform
A player can stay on this platform for 10 seconds to be recalled back to the dropship to restock ammo. This platform can hold 9 people.
Type: Platform
Deployed by: recallplatform kit (buyable at shop)
Platform HP: 300hp + Damage Reduction 10

Edit: Bah... It doesn't fit in one post by 380 characters.

06-18-2005, 07:43 AM
Commando - The one man army. A class already imbalanced. But really, they're supposed to be a sabotouge force.

recaller - The "Shadowstep" Emergency Personal Recall Device
This device calls the dropship to teleport you back up.
Type: Misc.
Uses 100 Energy.

cloaker - The "Shadowwalk" Personal cloaking Device
Unfortunately since true cloaking technology would horribly imbalance the game, this device makes the commando undetectable by radar and rocket launchers. This drains 2 energy per second.
Type: Misc.
Energy Drain: 2 per second.

remotemine - Standard issue remote detonation mines.
Everyone knows what a remote mine is.
Hands: 2
S lays mines, D detonates.
Freezing:1 secs
Power:35 hp

lethalblade - The "Undertaker" Compressed Toxin Blade
This blade is made of several toxic metals and solidified liquids. A successful hit with this weapon will kill any player. Unfortunately, the blade is very brittle and will break with one swing.
Hands: 1
Freezing: 0.5secs
Power: 100hp against players. 5 Damage to anything else.

sgpistol - The "Flayer" Close-Combat Magnetic-Driven Automatic Shotgun Pistol
With the success of the appirces, close combat gun fights are where the commando excells with its great speed. This gun sprays a flurry at its enemies and is very difficult to dodge. Due to its size, accuracy and power are sacrificed.
Ammo:shotgun shells
Freezing:0.75 secs
Power:3 hp
Speed:12 tiles/sec
Variance:40 degrees

Medic - The life saver.

regenplatform - The "Rejuvenator" Wide-Area Regeneration Emitter
This platform is for Medics to set up since it isn't the job of the sapper to heal. This station heals nearby allies for 1 hit point per second.
Type: Platform
Regeneration: 1
Platform HP: 100hp + Damage Reduction 5

healarea - The "Holy Light" Wide-Area Effect Heal
This device enables a medic to service many people at once in the general area and effectively keeping your whole team alive.
Type: Heal
Range: 10 tiles
Heal amount: 25hp
Energy Drain: 50

stunbolt - The "Immobilizer" Short Range Stun Pistol
This small hand-held gun fires a small charge of energy designed to temporatily stun an enemy in order to stop the enemy from assaulting the healer.
Ammo:Energy Drain 5
Freezing:0.25 secs
Speed:15 tiles/sec
Variance:10 degrees

Light Infantry - The front line of battle.

assaultrifle - The "Long Sword" Assault Rifle
This rifle was created in order to incorporate versatility on the battlefield. It has a rifle primary fire and a grenade launcher secondary.
Type: Gun
Hands: 2 (S/D)
Ammo: 12mm/Rocket Propelled Grenade
Ammoclip: 32/1
Freezing: 0.15 secs/0.8 secs
Bullets: 1/1
Power: 12hp/45hp small explosion
Range: Middle/Middle
Speed: 16 tiles/sec
Variance: 15 degrees

lightrifle - The "Lumen" Laser Light Rifle
This gun fires a concentrated beam of light. Unfortunately, it has low damage for its high energy consumption, but excels greatly at range and accuracy.
Type: Gun
Hands: 2
Ammo: Energy 20
Freezing: 0.25 secs
Power: 12hp
Range: Long
Speed: 35 tiles/sec
Variance: 0 degrees

Heavy Infantry - The armsman of the battlefield.

jackhammer - The "Jackhammer" Heavy Assault Cannon
This gun is the in-between of the assault rifle and the mortar. It fires large explosive projectiles to inflict heavy damage. Unfortunately, speed is sacrificed for power.
Type: Gun
Hands: 2 (3 if possible!)
Ammo: 60mm Cannon Shells
Ammoclip: 6
Freezing: 0.5 secs
Bullets: 1
Power: 20hp impact 35hp small explosion
Variance: 15 degrees

firebomb - The "Meteor" Napalm Mortar
This variation of the mortar fires a napalm projectile that rains fire as it flies and explodes in a medium radius of flames on impact.
Ammo:Napalm Shells
Freezing:1 sec
Power:onfire damage over time
Range:Long, projectile drops fire
Speed:6.5 tiles/sec
Variance:60 degrees

disintegrator - The "Disintegrator" Heavy Plasma Cannon
This heavy plasma cannon is the most powerful of its class. It creates a huge projectile of plasma that explodes and destroys enemies. The only problem is its projectile speed.
Type: Gun
Ammo: 100 Plasma + 90 Energy
Freezing: 2 seconds before shot, 1 second after
Power: 200 on hit + 55 small radius
Range: Long
Speed:4 tiles/sec
Variance: 10 degrees

Will do chemical trooper and commander later... for now... please comment :)

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Wow it will be some work to add all those things but it could be quite interesting :)

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Goodstuffz ^^
Verygoodstuffz :)

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Good job Ed. That's pwnage stuff bra

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yeah man those sound like some cool ideas but it will take a while to get them made and that