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05-08-2005, 08:04 AM
Before I begin with this official business, I'd like to outline just what I'm trying to do here. The kingdom, as a matter of fact all the kingdoms, are in a state of decay. To advance Roleplaying, or rather to revive it, we need to breathe life into the entire system. To that end, I have dubbed this new system of contiguous events "sistema del libro", the system of the book. A prologue will be posted here on the forums, establishing the necessary backstory and scenario for the RPs, and times will be listed well in advance for each "major" event. Major events will be called chapters, while minor, spontaneous events (two characters meeting and discussing chapters, etc) will be footnotes. All of these will be posted in this thread, so please make a seperate thread for commentary. Without futher gilding, let's jump in, shall we?

Gryffon smiled. The stones had been set, the bricks had been layed, and with loving care the first two of these sacred statues had been restored. One of the Elven sages had discovered the burial chamber of these two arcane relics, these "Hyralts" as the Reis had dubbed them. These sainted statues, named for the seraphic Alkaren Hyralt, former Cardinal of Dustari, had been transported safely to the newly built shrine.

"What are they, exactly, Grandfather?" the Heirborne prince Skye Durime asked the elder Reis.

"They are echos of the past," Gryffon said, reaching over and brushing the crystalline orb of the first statue. "They are the nature's tears, an eternal eulogy to the rulers of the lands. A good king will be remembered kindly by the earth, a bad king will be a twisted monstrosity. The Hyralts, I suppose, are a way for those so entwined with a land to remain, to watch and guard over their former kingdom..."


"The Hyralts posses mysterious powers...prayers to a magician's hyralt can rain fire upon your enemies, prayers to a war-king's hyralt can shatter the bracers and blades of a foe. But they can not touch the land beyond their domain, lest their spirits shatter like a brittle sword they cracked. Regardlessly, Skye, please go and confirm with the Scribes that all the other kingdoms have been invited to send represenitives?"

"Yes, grandfather."

"Then the shrine's first ceremony will go ahead on schedule."

Chapter Information:

Chapter I: A Bloody Spector - Time: TBA
Chapter II: TBA

05-23-2005, 08:18 AM
Gryffon raised his hand to his brow, reddened by the heat of the elven summer and the frustrations the shrine was giving him. Everytime a proper shrine was constructed and the Hyralts were placed within, the ceiling crumbled, destroying the entire eddifice, yet leaving the glimmering statues of the ancient Elven and Dwarven kings.

"Everytime! It happens without fail! At this rate there's no hope for using the Hyralts to restore the Tree of Life, because they bring everything around them tumbling down. I can't just leave them out to the winds and..."

A look of sudden realization came upon the Reis, his ancient eyes closed in furious inspiration.

"Skye, take a message to the Keepers- tell them that the Sanctuary will be one without walls, and the sky will be it's ceiling."

Event Information---

Time: Scheduled for Wednesday the 25th of March;
5:00 PM Central Time Zone (Please address schedule concerns to me via Pm)
Location: New Sanctuary of the Hyralts, map enclosed
Information All Kingdoms are able and encouraged to attend, if they so desire. Ceremony will cover a brief history of the Hyralts, naming of a new Grand Druid, and then some special entertainment.