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04-28-2005, 10:38 AM
Fellow Zormitians;

The island has been sectioned into respective Towns. The town where your house is closest will be your town. Each town has a mayor, and you shall speak with them about issues that you may have.

Currently Rederil is the only town that will be cleared for construction this summer.

This restructure has been done to tighten up the communities, and bring a more structured atmosphere to your Republic.

It can also be noted that the Kingdom Treasury will resume, and that all non-Zormitians will be taxed a monthly fee for residence within the towns. Each town will carry a different local tax that will be paid to the tax collector.

The island has also brought back to life its inner postal service.

The Weekly Zorm will be delivered free every Sunday to resident Zormitians. The Zorm will also be delivered outside of Zormite to other kingdoms for a monthly fee. Each kingdom will carry a different delivery fee, and these services will be contracted through the Postmaster.

I would like to appologize for the fortifications, and the fences that have been removed. We would also like to apologize the some of the house relocations, it was purtanant to the restructure of the local town system.

Good Day,
Etien Debaglio

04-29-2005, 08:28 AM
... The weekly Zorm.

Wow that's almost called activity! :0