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04-25-2005, 08:53 PM
Mission type : Co-op

Mission Boss : Hover bike squad and a leader in a helmet on 1 of the bikes
Sub Boss : The squad leader off his bike
Mission Difficulty : Medium/Hard-Hard
Reward : access to the jeep in single and multiplayer (in multi they are locked to people not completing the mission.

The mission starts in a snowy valley (saves new tile sets) and snowing if at all possible.The only wepons at the start will be a combat knive each and two throwing knives each. The valley will haed north as they cant go anywhere else because of the walls.
Once a small trek north they will come to a millitary base with a fence crossing other each point of the valley. Appearing to be no way in they can choice one of two routes crawling under a broken fence or to a cave in the west that will take round the fence to the north valley wall at the north-west of the base(a medi-kit is in this cave).This will be near a garage door and by laying mines there a bonus objective will be accomplished that weakens the boss later on.
Dispaching the three patroling guards one by the cave exit the other two by the doors on the south east of the building. Hidden away behind a snow wall will be a pulsar and a keycard. Another of the bonus objectives will be by finding a secret entrance round back and use the key card to enter taking you to a room where the three guards later described are and by using the advantage of the explosive barrels here they can be easlier beaten.
Ladders are also hidden on the cliff at the top with a path leading to a small generator, by destroying the generator the alarm will be swithed off on the front doors (Bonus-Mission)
With the guards dispatched the group can either enter the front doors and trigger an alarm causing another three guards to run down the hall(If they were shot via the secret entrance only one man will come bearing an smg) and confront them or find a vent that which you can crawl through by the north of the base almost touching the valleys end walls. Once crawled through it will lead to a room beside the entrance the doors take you to with a medi-kit and bonus objective one "Destroy the blueprints on the pc"
The door to this room will only open from the inside i.e. you must have took the vent. Exiting this room takes you to where the entrance and this incoprates team work as by going through the vents the other person can trigger the alarm by going through the main doors and then the vent route provides an easy attack from behind them.
Blasting down the interior of the building killing men on the way all equiped with a apripper there will be another bonus objective in a room with some pc's on tables "Find the stolen plans"these are hidden under the table which again you must crawl for causing the table to turn transparent and show you underneath.
Ammo and medikits will be hidden throughout the level under tables in vents and on men. Nearing the end of the maze of corridors one door will not budge by using an explosive the door will blow off its hinges and allow access to a room with two men protecting 3 ammo crates by destroying the ammo crates you will have completed a bonus objective and gained an advantage against the boss explained later.
Entering the vehicle bay thier is some locked hover bikes and a jeep. Another bonus objective here is to destroy some boxs that are cargo for their next wepons deal. Soon enough a enemy wearing a helmet unlike the rest enters and has a shotgun. Using the large space of the vehicle bay team work will soon defeat him then you enter the jeep.
The boss then gets up on his feet and his squad enter, they all mount the hoverbikes. As the garage doors open one person will steer the jeep as the other shoots and by completing the first bonus objective after exiting the bikes will all hit the mines causing a major advantage however the leader is not harmed from this. The main fences gates closed you will have to shoot the barrels destroying the fence and drive out.
The chase now begins if you completed the bonus objective they bikers except the leader still with the shotgun will now have one D18 instead of duallies. Heading south through the valley the one steering will have to avoid the occasional snow wall while the other attacks.
If the enemies aren't defeated by the end of the valley they will come to a big pit where the battle will continue. The leaders body/helmet can be sold at a bounty hunters shop, like kingdoms in a way.

This is just an ideal i came up with but feedback would be nice. I tried and done what the lab mission was critised on by adding a few bonus objectives in and one or two also had a later effect on the boss.
If this ideal is liked i could add more detail to some of the little described sections to lessen this long read. I could also make another one where you must return to the now even highly secured base for a upgrade to the jeep with either a passenger gun or a mine dispenser.

Mission List for those quick readers put off by the masses of text
-Kill the Squad leader
-Kill the leader and his squad on their hover bikes that do not slow while attacking.
-Destroy the fence on exit
Bonus-Use secret cave entance finding a medi-kit
Bonus-Find the pulsar and key card
Bonus-Lay mines by the Vehicle Bay exit
Bonus-Destroy the blue prints on the pc
Bonus-Use keycard and dispatch the guards easier (Players need to seperate to do this and the blue print objetice)
Bonus-Find the stolen plans
Bonus-Destroy hover squad's weapon boxs
Bonus-Destroy the cargo
Bonus-Power down the generator.

Each Bonus objective will put some gold in the bank.

By completing everyone of the bonus missions when returning to the building in the next mission to rescue a hostage(will be your partner in a jail cell that can escape and use team work to get you in undeteced) There will be a few less guards.
If you want me to design the next level i can easily to that im all ready having ideals of having a tank blast in to the valley and will have to defeat it using fix gun placements. I allready have a reward worked out as well either a jeep upgrade or a decoy wepon that makes a duplicate of you run pass causing your enemies to follow after.

*edit opps never noticed the lab mission had a secret duct entrance as well. Sorry i never finished reading it first.