View Full Version : Chapter Two: Ascention

03-16-2005, 06:23 AM
Deep below the surface where yellow can no longer be seen an ancient zormitian happen to swim by a lifeless body. Tied with belts around the wrists and ankles it was obvious that the constance of the tide had taken this beings soul. As to respect the nature of this bieng the citizen decided to leave the body at rest, but he was lured towards a glimmering hat adorned with lures. As to retrieve this tool of the ancient fishermen he leaned towards to remove it from its former owner. Three cross fell from the inside of the hat as he took it from the crenated head.

Quickly collecting the crosses as to not allow the tide to claim them the zormitian felt an earthy aura take his body. Knowledge of foreign kingdoms and customs instantly entered his cortex causing him to choke on the water crossing his gills.

Ascending to the surface with rapid speed the zormitian emerged a new man. Unable to recognize his former family and those he once knew. Many started rumers questioning his sanity, but as time push forth the rumors were morphed into an idealized being with an adeptation for the land and the sea.

The zormitian who once was is now known as Etien Debaglio.