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A small girl was walking upon the beach as she triped over a plank buried half way in the sand. As she tugged on the plank she noticed a man was attached to it.

Her inner fear consumed her, and she ran towards the town to get help. As she burst into the trading center she screamed for assistance. She pulled on the robes of the busy people bussling around trading for platinum, and exotic equiptment but was ignored. A man appeared to her in the corner of the room dressed in ornate armor. Thinking that this man was stong like her father she approached him for help. She was then quickly nocked to the ground by the hilt of his sword as he turned his back on her.

Nose bleeding the young girl left the trade house, and continued up the northern path. A couple minutes outside of town she spotted a woman praying at an alter. As she approached the woman noticed the bloodied face of the small child.

After a couple minutes of explanation the two were headed towards the beach in a sprint.

At first glance, it looked like dark drift wood protruding from the sand. Upon closer inspection it was noticed that this man was elvish, and that he was attached to this plank with thousands of bolts.

His naked body was badly slashed, and arrows could be seen broken off at the tips seeping infectious coagulated blood. A note could be seen protruding from a lateral cut in his side.

The woman instructed the young girl to go home, and not mention a thing to a soul about this battered man.

After the girl had gone she removed her cloak, and rapped the man. She picked the plank up and carried him attached a long distance through the tunnels until they reached the forest. Hours traveled to the inner wood where she could attempt to heal his wounds without disturbance she reached a spot that was level atop a mountain.

*1980 bolts removed*
*62 wounds sewn*
*24 arrow heads removed*
*12 restoration spells*

The body was then anointed with universal solvent and then buried. She gathered her supplies, and decided to return in twelve days to check the healing process.

On the 12th day she returned to find an unearthan grave. The strange thing about this was, there were no footprints around the grave, nor any shovel marks from digging.

She was then nocked to the ground by a thunderous triping motion. A brisk firm forearm smashed her in the face as she was cross-faced. Her neck was then clamped by an iron grip that put pressure towards the breaking point.

The terrified, restrained woman could make out an ancient tounge and realize that this was an acient elve of middle earth. Terrified of what he might be saying she tried to remember some phrases taught to her by her grandfather.

"Eryn" the woman said in a calm voice.

The grip clenched, and she figured that the elve knew that he was in the forest.

Forgeting all that she had been taught about the middle earth, she felt that the elf was causing her for his pain.
As a last resort she uttered,

"Estel" with a gasping breath.

She was instantly released, and helped to her feet.
Knowing that the word "hope" was enough to release her, she quickly removed a note from her pouch. She handed it to the naked elve and took off sprinting from the woods thinking only about how she had removed it from his side.

The story of this elvish stranger circulated, and ficticious stories evolved. Hunts were conducted to flush this elve from the woods, but he was never found.

The woman never told a soul about the note she had found, and its contents have remained a secret until now.

Blodied Note Orc Translation

||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||
| | | |
| N kngdm cnsmd, | | A kingdom consumed, |
| Yu fogt wh hrn | | You fought with honor.|
| M kil fer gly | | We kill for glory. |
| Hly Os | | Holy Ones. |
| Ti ti | | It is time, |
| O reking | | to re-raise the king. |
| | | |
| R'ak | | R'ak |
| | | |
|||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||

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