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12-31-2004, 01:57 AM
This is an older idea I had but I think it would be worth while implementing:

Essentially, Dustari has a long and colorful history, dating back to 2k1 but also including the Astri conflicts and various coronations and deaths. What I am suggesting, is a research effort to dig though the forums and other historical records, including people's PM histories, and find dates of importance to Dustari's history, that we can celebrate in an RPish fashion those days of the year.

For the date of the fall of the Astri, since they were vikings and our oppressors, that at twilight of that day each year, Dustarians traditionally burn bondfires (well, kindling) on the east facing beaches and shores.

The date of the coronation of aftershock should be a large festival, and smaller events should also be held for the days of coronation of other monarchs.

Perhaps on one of the days that marks one of the larger battles zormite and dustari fought side by side, it would be traditional to use zormite wands for the day in recognition.

The forums are here for us to dig though, and many people have been around since the days of 2k1 and can help pull up good dates and events of historical note.
I mentioned an idea to staff a while back, and it should even be possible for some type of 'event npc' to be used by kingdom leaders to set the lighting level on Dustari, so we can hold night time events.
At least one festival would be great to be held in the deep woods at night, with torch lanterns and carpets and of course lots of food and drink, perhaps celebrating the ancient roots of Dustari ancestory, from the days of clans.

Whether its a small observance or a major celebration, we can add a new dimension by reaching back into the history of dustari's past, share with the new people the stories of the old, and bring forth a stronger sense of community.

So, lets try to dig up as many dates as possible, find historical references (post links to forum postings past) and brainstorm some good ways to celebrate them. New things like the 'night script' would be great but lets also think of ideas that can be done without needing any changes or new scripts at all.

Not every suggestion may be used, but we should be able to get a good decent calendar worked out that is not too crowded but has a good spacing of events and keep things interesting. :)

12-31-2004, 02:02 AM
I believe Zurkiba and Gryffon can add to that as well. They both seem to know quite a bit of the old history. Lance may have a good eye on it also.
This also is a good idea...could be used for teaching also.

What do you think Gryffon and Zurkiba?


12-31-2004, 02:20 AM
Indeed, I talked to padren long ago about this. As for other festivals:

The Mourning Day - Day after the Ackbar attack, to mourn Kamuii and Henry Nightrose.

The Hyr'Zern Festival - A glorious holiday in which the Cardinal of Dustari and the High Prophet of Zormite may come together and divine the will of the gods to fortell a joyous or desperate year.

This is harder than it looks...

12-31-2004, 07:50 AM
There should be a day to celebrate when Dustari conquered the Zormites.

But yeah, The fall of Astri was on January 2nd, 2003.

As for 2k1 dates, that'll be real hard. I can get approximites and such. Doubtful we'll actually get the real dates.

You might also want to celebrate the days that Dustari defeated each kingdom (Orc, Elf, Pirate Crew, Zormite, etc)